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Nostalgia Audio

Nostalgia audio Camelot dynamic, moving iron and electrostatic hybrid headphones

Nostalgia audio Camelot dynamic, moving iron and electrostatic hybrid headphones

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Technical Specifications

10 Individual Drivers, Tribrid Design

2 Dynamic Drivers - Sub-Bass, Bass

4 Balanced Armateurs - 2 Mid, 2 High

4 Electrostatic Drivers - 4 Ultra-High

5-Way Crossover Design

Extreme Bass System

Spiral Flow Device

Impedance: 13 Ohms @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 15Hz - 40kHz

Sensitivity: 114dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

Bespoke Avalon High Purity OFC and OCC Copper Cable, Multiple Strand Design

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Avalon is a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend, the place where King Arthur's sword Excalibur was forged and later where Arthur was taken to recover from being gravely wounded at the Battle of Camlann. Similar to Camelot, Avalon is also a symbol of the Arthurian legend.

Camelot, as our latest flagship IEM, utilizing the best IEM drivers and technologies, provides an extraordinary and legendary sound, hence we decided to forge an extraordinary cable especially for Camelot. Introducing Avalon, a supreme handcrafted 4 strands cable composed of High Purity OFC and OCC Copper in Multiple strand configuration, protected with black nylon sleeve, and equipped with our latest rhodium plated 4.4 mm balanced termination. We believe that Camelot and Avalon will bring you a stunning impression of sound experience.

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4 Strands 22 AWG High Purity OFC and OCC copper

Multiple strand design

Customized flexible nylon wrapping
Rhodium plated high quality 4.4 mm balanced termination



DD ASSY _edited.png
BA EST DD v1_edited.png
BA EST DD v12313_edited.png

Dynamic drivers

Our self-designed 10mm Dynamic Drivers are constructed with N52 Neodymium Magnet and a PEN diaphragm. Polyethylene naphthalate, one of the ester functional groups of polyester, is easy to drive and provide a quick and deep bass with stunning performance.

Balanced Amateur

Camelot uses four individual Balanced amateurs on mid and high frequencies, our SFD system is designed to reduce losses from the tube curvature, presenting a smooth, sweet vocal also detailed highs and extensions.

Electrostatic drivers

We used four second generation electrostatic drivers in Camelot. A voltage transformer has been installed into the iem so the EST driver doesn't need to have an external power to driver the unit. EST drivers provide detailed highs and airy sounding, also performing an airy sounding.



XBS - Extreme Bass System

Consisting of two 10mm PEN Dynamic Drivers and a brass made chamber, the brass made chamber is used to reduce the Acoustic Resonance and provides less space usage and maximize the bass performance.

DD magic  ring v3_edited.png

SFD - Spiral Flow Device

The SFD is specially designed for enhancing the mids performance in Camelot. A helical formation incorporated as a ridge serves to induce a spiral pattern of flow, reducing loss caused by the curvature of the nozzle

Fully 3D Print Design

Camelot is our first fully 3D print design IEM. Not only the shell, we designed a 3D printed internal chamber for all those drivers to minimize the size and provide more referencing sound. Furthermore, a hidden venting design has been used on Camelot, a customized cm plug with vent holes in order to solve the air pressure from the two Dynamic drivers.

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