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Noble Audio

Noble audio fokus h-anc audiophile-grade hybrid unit active noise canceling bluetooth headphones

Noble audio fokus h-anc audiophile-grade hybrid unit active noise canceling bluetooth headphones

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Audiophile-grade hybrid unit active noise reduction Bluetooth headset

The American high-end headphone brand Noble Audio relies on its founder Dr. John Moulton's expertise and experience in sound science. Its products have always been highly praised in the audiophile headphone industry. The founder's insistence on sound quality requirements and design have made Noble Audio a success in 2021. In the second half of the year, audiophile-grade true wireless Bluetooth headphones with moving coil and dual-actuator will be launched, becoming the best choice for wireless headphones among headphone enthusiasts. Recently, the brand has once again launched a new Bluetooth headset, FoKus H-ANC. The same name comes from the German Fokus. It means Focus in English and ANC means equipped with active noise reduction function.表配備主動式降噪功能。

The founder, Dr. John, hopes that this product can inherit the FoKus Pro's concept of ultimate sound quality requirements and combine it with today's popular active noise reduction technology to create the highest sound quality active noise reduction true wireless Bluetooth headset on the market.耳機。

feature of product

Audiophile-level unit configuration for ultimate music experience
In terms of the moving coil unit, this time FoKus H-ANC uses a 10mm titanium composite diaphragm moving coil unit. The moving coil unit is larger than the 8.2mm unit of FoKus Pro. It brings more powerful shock to the mid-low frequency and dives deeper at the same time. Make the mid-low frequency sound fuller and the overall low frequency is vivid and powerful. All details can be presented one by one. Users who like electronic music, pop music, Hip Hop and rock will be very satisfied with the performance of FoKus H-ANC in low frequencies.-ANC 在低頻的表現。

In terms of the moving iron unit, FoKus H-ANC uses a moving iron unit made by Knowles, a famous American moving iron unit manufacturer. Noble and Knowles have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship, so they have no idea how to adjust the unit's timbre, coordinate impedance and sensitivity when making headphones. Dr. John and Knowles already have a certain tacit understanding and experience of the basic needs. The dual hybrid unit makes the high, mid and low frequency performance of the headphones appear richer and evener. Its clear and detailed timbre line analysis, sense of space, etc. are hard to imagine. A pair of true wireless Bluetooth earphones. The sound performance is based on Noble's own audiophile-grade earphone series as a reference for tuning. Using Noble's many years of experience in the audiophile earphone circle and using hybrid units for tuning, FoKus H-ANC can definitely meet the ultimate requirements for sound quality at the same time. An impeccable choice for users who also need noise reduction function的用家,帶來一個無可挑剔的選擇。

Built-in active noise cancellation
The biggest upgrade of FoKus H-ANC compared to the previous generation FoKus Pro is the built-in active noise reduction function, which allows users to enjoy the gorgeous sound presented by the hybrid unit and Noble's own tuning in noisy environments such as streets and vehicles.麗音色。

Through its long-term partnership with Knowles, Noble equips each headset with three exclusive Knowles' MEMS microphones. First, one microphone is placed on the outside of the headset, and two microphones are placed on the inside of the headset to form a top-notch composite noise reduction array. Therefore, FoKus HANC It has the advantages of both feed-forward and feedback noise reduction, allowing it to handle a wider range of noise frequencies to avoid receiving excess noise and provide users with the best noise-cancelling music experience. Through its long-term partnership with Knowles, Noble equips each earphone with 3 exclusive Knowles' MEMS microphones are placed first on the outside of the earphones and 2 microphones on the inside of the earphones to form a top-notch composite noise reduction array. Therefore, FoKus HANC has the advantages of both feedforward and feedback noise reduction, making it possible to Processes a wider range of noise frequencies to avoid receiving excess noise, providing users with the best noise-canceling music experience接收多餘的噪音,為用家提供最佳 的降噪音樂體驗。

Noble also takes into account the different scenarios when users use FoKus H-ANC by providing multiple modes for users to choose and control, including active noise reduction mode to reduce wind noise and transparent mode (ambient mode) to reduce wind noise. In addition to the noise reduction function FoKus H-ANC, users can use this mode to pay attention to the sounds of the surrounding environment when they are outdoors.留意周 遭環境的聲音。

IEM comfortable on-ear design
In terms of appearance design, FoKus H-ANC uses Noble Audio's experience in customizing headphones to design the most ergonomic shell of the headphones. There is a groove space under the touch panel to accommodate the protrusions on the outer ear of the user. The tragus will not be obstructed by the earphones, eliminating users’ discomfort when wearing earphones for a long time, making the earphones closer to the ears and more stable. In addition, the structure that is close to the inner ear can also effectively block external noise. With FoKus H-ANC’s active The noise reduction function allows users to isolate themselves from most external noises以與大部份外界噪音隔絕。

The earphone panel and charging box are designed with matte purple and dark gray to highlight the noble image of the brand while maintaining a low profile. The panel also has a reminder light so that users can immediately know the connection status of the earphones. In addition, the front of the charging box also has Equipped with four lights to display the battery status of the charging box盒的電量情況。

Comprehensive upgrade of user experience
F In addition to the upgraded configuration in terms of tuning, FoKus H-ANC also uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which can reduce the power consumption of the earphones and greatly increase the battery life. The single use time is up to 13 hours. The charging box can charge the earphones 2.5 times, increasing the total battery life. Reaching 32.5 hours while using a new FPC antenna for headphone reception to enhance connection stability. Users don’t have to worry about being disturbed when they go out and enjoy music.打擾享受音樂的好心情。

In order to make it more convenient for users to use headphones, FoKus H-ANC adopts a touch panel design. Users can tap the purple panel of the body to control the music playback function, jump to the previous/next song and quickly switch to the noise reduction mode. Finally, FoKus H-ANC is also IPX5 waterproof, so users don’t have to worry about weather changes affecting their music experience when using it outdoors.變而影響音樂體驗。

Thanks to Noble equipping each earphone with three exclusive Knowles' MEMS microphones FoKus H-ANC, the sound collection capability and quality during calls have been enhanced to increase the convenience of calls.方便性。

In addition, the earphones support SBC and AAC decoding. Whether they are Android or iPhone users, they can easily connect and enjoy the rich tone and details of FoKus H-ANC. In addition, FoKus H-ANC also supports Siri and Google voice assistant functions.音助手功能。

Noble exclusive app Noble FoKuss
Check the headphone status and noise reduction control
After connecting the FoKus H-ANC, the user can enter the Noble FoKus mobile APP and immediately see the battery status of the FoKus H-ANC. In addition, the user can determine the noise reduction mode currently used by the headset at the bottom of the screen and click the button to control it. Noise reduction mode of FoKus H-ANC or turn on transparency mode打開通透模式。

Button settings
Noble FoKus APP supports button setting function, allowing users to change the double-click and triple-click touch commands of left and right ear devices through the app.三擊」觸控指令。

EQ equalizer
The equalizer tool in the application allows users to choose 5 preset EQ settings according to their favorite music type. Users can also enter EQ customization to adjust between 31Hz and 161kHz to create their own exclusive music experience.己專屬的音樂體驗!

Tailor-made optimal EQ
In addition, Dr. John, a doctor of acoustics, has applied his experience as an audiologist to the intelligent hearing test in the EQ setting of FoKus H-ANC. The Noble FoKus APP will automatically conduct a hearing test on the user in each Hz frequency. Test and then the program will tailor the most suitable EQ settings for the user. EQ 設定。

Comes with Noble velvet storage bag and special ear gels
In terms of accessories, FoKus H-ANC comes with a velvet storage bag to protect the headphones and also includes a USB charging cable, which is convenient for users to charge the headphones immediately. It also comes with 3 pairs of short-fit earphones specially customized by Noble for FoKus H-ANC. The glue ensures users a better fit and comfort when wearing it while ensuring users can get the best noise-canceling music experience.的降噪音樂體驗。


Number of units

A 10mm titanium composite diaphragm moving coil + a Lou's moving iron

audio input

Bluetooth 5.2

Support decoding


battery life

Headphones 13 hours時
32.5 hours with charging case (can charge the earphones 2.5 times)時
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