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Noble Audio

Noble Audio XM-1 xMEMS unit headphones

Noble Audio XM-1 xMEMS unit headphones

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XM-1 is a breakthrough IEM design that is different from traditional headphone designs. It uses xMEMS units for the first time to build in ear amplifiers and uses USB terminal USB-C/Lightning to directly connect to mobile phones for use. No need to connect additional portable players or ear amplifiers for use. Convenient headphone design uses Cowell xMEMS solid-state semiconductor MEMS unit to bring clear high and mid-frequency 8.3mm dynamic unit to provide low frequency with deeper potential and immersive listening experience Aluminum casing with stainless steel mouthpiece and filter cover xMEMS unit Focusing on spatial audio, it provides greater bandwidth, especially in high frequencies and low distortion. It is also very superior in positioning and sound field. The headset has a built-in Realtek decoder chip that relies on the USB-C on the mobile phone to draw power to improve the sound effect in the design of the headset and headphone cable. There are 4-pins on each, 2-pins are responsible for power supply and the other 2-pins are responsible for audio.負責供電,另外 2- pins 負責音訊。

feature of product

In terms of timbre, XM-1 focuses on high analysis and quick response. Transparency and tuning can bring more different listening feelings. It combines various instruments and voices to provide broad sound field clarity, positioning and depth in low, mid and high frequencies.晰度、定位與深度。

The high-frequency sound quality provides high density and analytical power. The tone is also obviously detailed, clear and bright. In addition, the vocal part will bring out the extensibility and airiness.空氣感體現。
The mid-frequency presents clear vocals and instruments. The vocals are in front and the singer’s clear singing voice can be felt.晰歌聲。
The rich dynamic depth of low frequency balances potential impact and detail.取得平衡。

Specially used for smartphones with USB-C connection. The listening effect is more significant for iPhone users. The ddHiFi TC28i Lightning adapter is included and can also be used by iPhone14 or previous users. The headphone shell is made of aluminum metal and is made according to the shape of the ear. The mouth is made of stainless steel用不銹鋼物料。

Please note:
1. DAP portable players with USB-C ports may need to change settings to allow volume control via USB-C.。
2. Since Astell&Kern DAP portable player uses the abbreviated Android operating system XM-1, it is incompatible with Astell&Kern DAP portable player.容。

xMEMS Cowell unit x1
8.3mm moving coil unit x1

Frequency response



Shell material

sound mouth
Stainless steel

conductor(Headphone cable
silver plated copper

Number of twists
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