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INTIME Maestraudio MA910SR Japanese-made monitoring grade in-ear headphones

INTIME Maestraudio MA910SR Japanese-made monitoring grade in-ear headphones

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MA910SR development background

Maestraudio's first model "MA910S" incorporates head-related transmission functions into the design and is equipped with an original passive ceramic tweeter RST, aiming to achieve a wide sound field and natural sound throughout the range. And as a high-performance in-ear headset that does not cause listening fatigue, it has been praised by many players. But at the same time, we also received many requests for swappable cord models from users who pursue personalized sound. Therefore, while maintaining the wide sound field of MA910S, we repeatedly researched and produced to reduce the loss of contact resistance due to rewiring and obtain sound quality through a large amount of information. Successfully developed model "MA910SR" that is compatible with interchangeable cables and symbolizes the brand

Replaceable cable design using Pentaconn connectors

After testing with various connectors, "MA910SR" uses Pentaconn connectors, which are known for their low contact resistance, as the adapter cable connector. This connector not only has stable mechanical reliability when connecting and disconnecting, but also reduces contact resistance to 1/10 or less compared to MMCX. When allowing you to enjoy various sound qualities, reducing contact resistance is an important design requirement for enjoying various sound quality characteristics.

Made of aluminum panel

In Maestraudio's IEM development, the properties of the various materials are important parameters. In particular, the selection of housing components was analyzed in detail using our own FEM (Finite Element Method). The sound from the rear of the dynamic driver hits the rear panel directly and causes a slight vibration. What we focus on is that by transmitting this vibration throughout the enclosure more quickly, we can get a sound that contains a lot of information. Therefore, in the MA910SR, we adopted an "aluminum panel" with hairline texture on the outer shell panel. Therefore, the amount of sound information that the MA910SR transmits from the panel to the inside of the enclosure is much greater than that of the resin panel. As a result, the MA910SR successfully achieves greater sound information and higher resolution while maintaining a wide sound field.

Achieve compact, lightweight, wide sound field

The MA910S series is equipped with a newly developed graphene-coated dynamic driver that has been developed and tuned specifically for Maestraudio brand products. When tuning, we focused on the head-related transfer function and optimized the frequency characteristics to give the listener a sense of presence. With passive ceramic-coated tweeters, natural performance with minimal distortion from low to high frequencies is achieved. At the same time, by installing a high-performance sound correction device "HDSS", we achieved a wide sound field that is difficult to achieve with a small resin case. The MA910SR is a universal in-ear headphone suitable for e-sports and movie watching alike while playing comfortable sound regardless of genre.

Passive ceramic-coated tweeter "RST" born of new ideas

Ceramic sound technology using piezoelectric ceramics developed by Maestraudio. The MA910S series is equipped with the passive ceramic-coated tweeter "RST" (Reactive Sympathetic Tweeter) developed based on a new concept. In the laminated piezoelectric ceramic tweeter "VST" (vertical support tweeter), which can be said to be the core technology of ceramic audio technology, the treble above 20kHz has extremely high straightness, so the unit needs to be made coaxial. During the development of the MA910S series we required a ceramic tweeter that could efficiently transmit high frequencies forward even when off-axis for use in a universal IEM type enclosure. Therefore, "RST", which has separate vibrations like cymbals and music boxes, was born. The principle is to use the sound waves emitted by the dynamic driver to illuminate the diaphragm to cause vibration. This product uses a copper diaphragm commonly used in wind instruments, and coats its surface with a unique special ceramic coating to achieve crisp high notes. This is a new concept of passive ceramic-coated tweeter that can control sound quality by adjusting the size, material and support of the diaphragm.

Cables and headphones

The cables are silver-plated OFC and OFC hybrid cables for improved sound separation and excellent positioning. The connector adopts Pentaconn design, "there is a protrusion on the right side of the connector", making it easy to distinguish the left and right even in the dark. In addition, by slightly reducing the softness of the earplug rubber, the original earplug "iSep01" can achieve a good wearing feeling and reduce the burden even if used for a long time. It is available in 4 sizes (S/MS/M/L). Additional accessories such as a leather reel and carrying bag are also included.

Assembled in Japan to provide high quality

Maestraudio is committed to making all products in Japan and incorporating high-quality Japanese "craftsmanship" such as the molding technology of Gunma master craftsmen and the surface treatment of Tsubame Sanjo Factory. We assemble everything in Japan and deliver high quality.

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