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Libratone AIR+3 True Wireless Noise Reduction Bluetooth Headphones

Libratone AIR+3 True Wireless Noise Reduction Bluetooth Headphones

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Flagship-level noise reduction, 3 times better than the previous generation

Ultra-wide frequency band + ultra-deep active noise reduction, performance improved by up to 3 times compared to the previous generation; When the car ride is bumpy or the subway opens, reject the scary popping sound; You won't hear any obvious background noise even in the dead of night.

11mm large dynamic coil, high-fidelity sound quality

11mm super large dynamic coil brings a substantial improvement in low frequency; High-fidelity sound quality restoration, the more realistic it is, the more listenable it will be; Consistent bird tuning philosophy, rich and delicate, three-band balance.

Iconic design incorporates new elements

The new triangular ear handles + streamlined body shape are not only ergonomic but also have a unique and personalized aesthetic. The open charging box is equipped with an integrated light strip design, and battery information/connected devices can be known at a glance.

Switch between 5 devices at will and see them clearly at a glance

Supports quick switching between up to 5 devices. Give each device a color label, and you can know which device to switch to by the color of the light strip. It also supports quick switching within the app or quick switching via gesture control.

Not tired when worn for a long time, non-allergenic after long-term use

After several generations of products and hundreds of versions, it has been repeatedly polished and calculated. It is light and comfortable to wear, close to the ear, comfortable and stable. Strictly control the materials and processes used in the production process to ensure that they are non-allergenic for long-term use.

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