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LETSHUOER Shuoer S15 in-canal headphones

LETSHUOER Shuoer S15 in-canal headphones

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LETSHUOER S15 planar dual rear cavity diaphragm + R-Sonic passive filter in-canal headphones

●14.8mm third-generation planar dual rear cavity diaphragm + 6mm R-Sonic passive filter module ●New acoustic structure, power source of sound quality ●Two sound tubes with filter switch ●Smooth transition and rich sound throughout the spectrum Sense of layering ●High-precision 3D printing front cavity ●CNC processed aluminum alloy casing ●Lightweight, ergonomic design, delicate feel ●216-core silver-plated single crystal copper upgrade cable ●Detachable and replaceable plugs 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm Three-plug freely replaceable 90-degree right-angle connector ●0.78mm 2-pin connection


◎Every detail contributes to sound quality
The S15 uses the third generation 14.8mm planar dual rear cavity diaphragm. This configuration gives the S15 a wide sound field, excellent transient response and accurate sound reproduction. In order to ensure a smooth transition between sounds, the S15 uses a structure of two sound tubes and a filter crossover scheme. In short, excellent tonal balance.

◎S15 uses a 6mm passive filter module outside the flat diaphragm. The passive filter module adopts R-Sonic dynamic harmonic technology independently developed by Shuoer. Sound energy is forward filtered through a proprietary filter.

◎Extremely sophisticated frequency division scheme, smooth connection and clear three-band. In order to ensure the smooth connection of the three frequency bands and the clear and transparent sound, S15 adopts a dual physical conduit filter frequency division scheme to reasonably allocate flat-panel units and passive filters. The power of the module reduces the distortion of music and makes the three-band sound clearer and smoother, making the sound layered. Every detail of the sound is taken care of, showing excellent sound quality balance.

◎Combined with Haige Technology, high-precision acoustic cavity, presenting exquisite sound
This time, the cavity of S15 was combined with Haig Technology to polish the cavity based on tens of thousands of pairs of ear canal models to adapt to most human ear shapes and ensure both stability and comfort of wearing. The inside of the cavity has been precisely processed Structural optimization achieves S15’s precise acoustic structure and extremely low distortion. The rear cavity is made of aluminum alloy CNC carving and sandblasting + anodizing process. The delicate touch reveals the pursuit of headphone aesthetics.

◎The cavity of S15 has been ergonomically polished to fit most people’s ear shapes, providing stability and comfort. The internal structure of the cavity has been precisely optimized to help achieve precise acoustic configuration and extremely low distortion.

◎High-standard silver-plated copper wire, three types of interchangeable plugs, stable transmission. To ensure the stability of sound transmission, S15 comes standard with high-quality 216-core single crystal copper silver-plated wire, which not only stabilizes sound signal transmission, but also improves the quality of music. Control of details, adopts 0.78mm double-pin design, compatible with more excellent wires on the market, easy to upgrade and match, comes standard with three detachable 90-degree angle plugs of 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm, compatible with a variety of devices Interface, no complicated connections required, just plug and connect


Product parameter model: S15
Unit: 14.8mm dual rear cavity flat panel unit + 6mm R-Sonic passive wave group Front cavity material: 3D printed resin Rear cavity material: Anodized aluminum Frequency response range: 20Hz~40kHz
Impedance: 30Ω
Sensitivity: 106dB
Audio interface: 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm replaceable plug wire: 1.2m (216-core single crystal copper silver-plated)
made in China

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