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Kontinum Ulim in-ear headphones

Kontinum Ulim in-ear headphones

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Ulim is a dual moving coil and two-way crossover design with diameters of 10mm and 7.8mm respectively. The high-frequency unit is made of "beryllium" material, and the ultra-high extension is extremely natural. The sound field is close to the venue, and the elegant timbre gives a romantic feeling when listening to female instruments. Considering its selling price, it is really rare.

  • 10mm custom brake coil + 7.8mm beryllium diaphragm dynamic coil .
  • Equipped with 3 styles and 9 sets of ear gels .
  • Comes with specially prepared 8-strand silver-plated copper headphone cable (3.5mm).

feature of product
3D printer transparent body
The fuselage is manufactured using advanced 3D printing technology and has a unique and elegant texture. The precisely calculated and molded shell effectively reduces excessive vibration and unnecessary resonance of the unit. The circular inner sound cavity design also helps suppress resonance, ensuring clear and transparent sound. timbre.

Customized 10mm bass moving coil unit
The earphones use Kontinum's custom-made 10mm bass dynamic unit, which is added with a liquid crystal polymer and polyurethane convergence layer, which greatly reduces the weight of the diaphragm. It has better control and contrast when outputting at high volumes, and reduces sound distortion, thus producing a deep, Extremely dynamic and engaging bass.

Kontinum customized 10mm moving coil unit x1
7.8mm moving coil unit x1

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