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KOJO TECHNOLOGY Crystal Ep Series ground terminal

KOJO TECHNOLOGY Crystal Ep Series ground terminal

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Crystal Ep Series Plug Type Floor Box

Japan's KOJO Technology condenses the popular Crystal E floor box technology to launch a new Crystal Ep series plug-type floor box盒,Functional and beautiful design with a clear and refined concept計。Comes with 4 models of RCA 3.5mm TRS Y-Poke Banana Plugs個型號。Very slim and stylish shape, understated and beautiful。Plug in the idle socket on the audio product to enjoy the quiet three-dimensional feeling of connecting to the ground box體感。

Crystal Ep consists of three parts, respectively, the bottom cover of the plug body to enhance its convenience, expandability and expandability、和可擴展性。

If you want to make the effect more prominent, you can also connect two pieces of Crystal Ep. The ground area is even 35% larger than that of the Crystal E. The ground surface area is increased to enhance the effect, and the remaining bottom cover plug can be used as a dust cover. It also has a positive effect on the sound quality.面幫助。

feature of product
Conductor surface area unimaginable from size
The inner conductor of Crystal Ep is made of high-purity aluminum foil processed into strips.然conductorThe surface area is only about 100 cm2 (10 cm 10 cm), but the conductor surface is specially etched to form many cavities in the sponge that resemble crystal structures. These numerous cavities increase the conductor surface area and ensure that the effective area inside the Crystal Ep is increased to 11,000 cm2 (110 cm x 100 cm)cm) 。

Crystal EpR(RCA model)

Crystal EpT3 (3.5mm TRS model)

Crystal EpB ( Banana Plug Model )

Crystal EpY( Y type fork plug model )

Plug selection
RCA / 3.5mm TRS / Y fork /  banana plug

inner conductor
High Purity Aluminum Foil

Internal conductor surface area
11,000 cm2

plug material
brass / gold plated

body material
Brass / Nickel Plated

Crystal EpR : φ1256.5mmm
Crystal EpT3 : φ1257.5mmm
Crystal EpB : φ1257mmm
Crystal EpY : φ1263.5mmm

Crystal EpR : 26g
Crystal EpT3 : 25g
Crystal EpB : 27g
Crystal EpY : 27g
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