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KOJO TECHNOLOGY Crystal E + Crystal EG Special Package

KOJO TECHNOLOGY Crystal E + Crystal EG Special Package

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KOJO TECHNOLOGY Crystal E Ground Box

KOJO Technology is one of the first brands in Japan to launch floor box products. Crystal E inherits the design concept of Force barEP and re-examines the internal structure and shell design of materials to push the sound quality to a higher level.上更高層次。

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The new high-end floor box Crystal EG series casing is anodized with champagne gold. It is modeled after the limited edition Crystal E Jtune. The interior uses 8 layers of different metal plates and fine sandblasting, and 6 special aluminum electrolytic capacitor conductors. The surface uses a special etching process to form a similar shape. Sponge structure creates unprecedented conductor surface area未有的導體表面面積。

  • Crystal E Jtune is the same level of sandblasting and fine metal plate processing
  • The metal structure is enhanced by adding 6 Crystal Ep special aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
  • The total conductor surface area is 68 times that of Crystal E
  • Stainless steel hollow screws improve the internal exhaust effect and make the sound quality more open and broad.廣闊
  • Upgraded gold-plated M4 three-point screws bring more stable conductivity能。
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