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Hidizs xo built-in mqa direct solution

Hidizs xo built-in mqa direct solution

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Features and specifications

Dual ESS SABER ES9219C supports MQA 16 decoding碼

Hidizs XO is a mini decoding ear amplifier. Its function is simple and straightforward. It provides additional audio decoding and amplification for mobile phones to support higher-definition music formats/decoding and bypass the decoding circuit of the mobile phone itself to obtain better sound. Use Hidizs XO Two ESS SABER ES9219C DACs are used for decoding. Compared with the previous S9 Pro, there are fewer 相比,是少了 PCM 32Bit768kHz and和 DSD512 support but direct support援 MQA 16 decoding allows it to directly correspond to Tidal’s high-definition streaming music, all in a compact body上有齊 3.5mm and balance 2.5mm The output power of the former is 78mW+78mW @32ohm, while the output power of the latter is 195mW+195mW @32ohm. The power is quite sufficient. It is also worth noting that it is balanced at 2.5mm. The total order wave distortion of the output is only 0.0005%, which is an extremely accurate number.當緊要的數字。

Connect and control

Two buttons switch lighting and sound LED lights to inject a gaming feel

It is expected that the appearance of Hidizs XO is small when used with mobile phones. The size of Hidizs XO, which has chosen a dual-output design, is inevitably a bit limited. It is only a medium-sized product among similar products. However, it is light enough and does not shake or fall excessively when connected to the bottom of the phone. The hand-held connection interface is USB-C and the phone is a short cable with USB-C on both ends. Users can easily connect to Android phones. USB-C is also provided randomly.隨機更提供了 USB-C  The USB-A adapter is as convenient as using it with a computer. As for iOS users, they need to purchase USB-C separately.-C  Lightning wiring has added a layer of effort. In addition to the connection, you can also notice that there is a row of LED light strips on the side of the fuselage. There are more than a dozen different lighting effects. Just press the The other O button on the Jingwei fuselage can switch between two filter effects. The blue light is Linear phase fast roll-off filter. The red light is Hybrid fast roll-off filter. In theory, the former is more refreshing and suitable for songs with a strong rhythm, while the latter has a lighter tone. It is better to listen to the mellow vocals and strings. However, the difference is not obvious in actual application. It takes a long time to listen to the difference in hearing feeling.不太明顯,要長時間聽才容易感受的聽感上的差別。

Decoding chip ESS SABER ES9219C X22
Support decoding 32bit/384kHz PCMDSD256MQA 16X16X
Headphone output 3.5mm unbalanced 2.5mm balanced平衡
Output power 78mW3.5mm195mW2.5mm2.5mm)
Connection interface USB-CC
Price $7999

Text source: SPILL review
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