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Hidizs MP145 Flat Unit Headphones

Hidizs MP145 Flat Unit Headphones

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Hidizs MP145 is a wired headset designed based on whale characteristics. It features 14.5mm diameter planar drivers to deliver an outstanding music experience in a compact and lightweight design. MP145 adopts aviation aluminum alloy shell to ensure durability and portability. 3 tuning filters and 9 earphone types adjust the sound to your preference, giving you natural, clear sound.

The fully symmetrical magnetic circuit uses 7+7 N52H magnets, which are accurately placed during mold assembly. This design reduces harmonic distortion, improves magnetic circuit efficiency, ensures that the maximum magnetic flux in the magnetic gap is close to 1 Tesla, and brings transparent, brilliant, and clear sound quality. The lightweight design weighs less than 9.5 grams, making it comfortable to wear for a long time and suitable for portability. In addition, it has a sensitivity of 104dB and can be connected to any DAC amplifier, music player (DAP) or smartphone.

In addition to the standard model with aviation aluminum alloy shell, MP145 will also launch a limited edition gold titanium version! Limited to 199 sets worldwide, each set includes 3.5mm and 4.4mm cables and comes with a commemorative postcard and 10th anniversary badge as a collectible. Each set has a unique number. Titanium is known for its low density and ferromagnetic properties, making it a rarely used material in headphone manufacturing.

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