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HIDIZS AP80 PRO Titanium Limited Edition

HIDIZS AP80 PRO Titanium Limited Edition

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Main Features

Dual ESS9218P Chips

Engineered to provide an outstanding Hi-Res audio performance, the AP80 Pro features two ESS9218P chips for a perfect sound balance. It also features an independent high-performance FPGA chip, HBC3000. The FPGA chip clocks the digital audio, allowing it to be more Accurately restored the digital signals, and also supporting the DSD hard solution 64/128/256. Powerful and professional.

The AP80 Pro features a 2.5mm balance port, which reduces the distortion between the left and right channels. This also makes the channel separation and the sound field of the headphones better.

Designed For Ease of Use

The AP80 Pro adopts Samsung's 2.45 inch 480x360 IPS HD touch display. Features an FM radio and a step counter. And it is also compact and portable and easy to use with just one hand. With its Japanese ALPS Alpine wheel knob, it makes it much easier to control with just one hand.

Supports LDAC, APT-X

and Two-way Bluetooth

The Bluetooth APT-X lossless transmission protocol has advantages of low delay, low bit error rate and high sound quality when transmitting audio signals. The AP80 Pro also supports two-way Bluetooth 4.0 transmission. Which can be used as a Bluetooth audio source or as a professional Bluetooth decoding amplifier.

Native Support For DSD 64 / 128 /256

The AP80 Pro supports music files such as DSS 64 / 128 /256, PCM 384/32 BIT, ISO, but also supports almost all professional audio formats, such as FLAC, APE, WMA, WAV, ALAC, Apple Lossless, DSF, DSDIFF .

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