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HiBy FC6 portable decoding ear amplifier

HiBy FC6 portable decoding ear amplifier

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【Ultra-portable realm R-2R fully discrete amplifier circuit-HiBy FC6
DARWIN architecture products continue to expand. Even the ultra-portable Little Tails have launched new products. Designed around the DARWIN R-2R architecture, the FC6 has a full set of the iconic tuning functions of the DARWIN system. Compared with other Little Tails, the FC6 also uses an FPGA-based clock. The signal regeneration system and a pair of OPA1622 independent ear amplifier outputs allow this small tail to have good dynamics and output power with only a 3.5mm single-ended output design. It is a good product for audiophiles who seek simplicity and refinement when traveling.友們外遊時的好物

FC6 also joins HiBy’s newly launched DARWIN-HDR mode, which improves the dynamic performance of the body through improved algorithms of the built-in FPGA chip and customizes the sound characteristics with various DARWIN filters.特性吧。

feature of product
Small tail dedicated DARWIN architecture
FC6 is equipped with an R-2R DARWIN decoding system composed of 96 high-precision resistors. Taking into account the front-end connection and usage environment of FC6, the signals will first be oversampled up to 16 times by an independent FPGA chip and a FIR filter will be added to filter out the signal modulation process. The high-frequency noise and digital smell that appears are combined with the two low-phase noise speakers in the machine to use crystal oscillators and exclusive resistance compensation technology to create a good digital-to-analog conversion circuit.碼模擬轉換線路。

NOS/OS mode
In NOS mode, FC6 will not perform any oversampling processing and directly transmit the original data to R-2R. The resistor network decoding jitter is lower and the response to the signal is faster. It is suitable for audio with a higher sampling rate >192kHz. In OS mode, various DARWIN can be used. Special tuning functions such as DARWIN-HDR filter settings, etc.DR、濾波器設定等等。

DARWIN-HDR improved algorithm
The FPGA algorithm is refined based on the R-2R resistor network of FC6 to enhance the super-sampling computing quality and enhance the dynamic performance and details of the body.細節。

Use in multiple environments
FC6 supports up to DSD512PCM 32/768kHz and 8x MQA file expansion. It is suitable for a variety of streaming services on the market and can also be used as a sound card for PCMAC or Android mobile phones.的聲效卡。

Exquisite appearance
FC6 is designed with an aluminum alloy body and a glass panel. When connected to the front end, the color screen will display the operating status of FC6. When playing audio with different sampling rates, the screen background will also display different colors.同顏色。

Decoding chip
DARWIN Architecture 24Bit R2RR)

Decoding support
PCM 768kHz/32Bit
DSD 512

Output level


total harmonic distortion

Noise floor

signal-to-noise ratio

Dynamic Range

channel separation

frequency response

0.96" LCD80 x 1600)

RGB indicator light
Working mode display

Mode according tokey
Volume up/downaccording tokey

Type-C (Note that FC6 does not support iOS due to iPhone output current limitation)S)



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