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Grell Audio

Grell Audio TWS/1 DROP Edition True Wireless Headphones

Grell Audio TWS/1 DROP Edition True Wireless Headphones

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【High-quality true wireless earphones with state-of-the-art noise cancellation - Grell Audio TWS/1 DROP Edition】
Axel Grell, the legendary acoustic engineer who designed well-known over-ear headphones such as the HD580 and HD800 for Sennheiser, left Sennheiser in 2019 to found Grell Audio Axel Grell has been an acoustic engineer for headphones for over 30 years Axel Grell has a strong passion for clarity and detail in headphones His persistence and dedication to every detail of the headphone production process also pays great attention to him. He also hopes to bring this spirit to every Grell Audio product. 的產品上。

Today, three years later, Grell Audio officially launched the first true wireless Bluetooth headset product, TWS/1TWS/1. It uses a custom 10mm moving coil unit and is equipped with active noise reduction and patented NAR technology. Noise Annoyance Reduction scans the spectrum of external noise and Adjust Active Noise Cancellation to minimize noise interference Now Grell Audio has officially authorized ECT to be the official designated Hong Kong agent to provide customers with experience and after-sales service, so that Hong Kong customers can use Grell Audio products with ease and peace of mindll Audio 的產品。
A new masterpiece from legendary sound engineer Axel Grell
The name Axel Grell is no stranger to headphone enthusiasts. He is a legendary acoustic engineer who has worked in the high-end headphone industry for more than 30 years. Axell Grell has designed more than 50 headphones in his engineering career, ranging from entry-level to audiophile flagships. He not only has a very in-depth understanding of the tuning and production of advanced headphones, but also designed the HD580 and HD800 and other shocking audiophile headphones for Sennheiser, a well-known German audio equipment brand. The world's legendary headphone奇級頭戴式耳機。

In 2019, Axel Grell resigned as the chief headphone engineer of Sennheiser and founded Grell Audio. When he was a headphone engineer, he always hoped to use his own headphone production experience and the latest technology to create a variety of sound details. Headphones allow more users to directly understand what the music producer wants to express from the details of various instruments and vocals through headphones. Finally, in the fourth quarter of 2021, Axel Grell released the brand's first true wireless Bluetooth under the name of Grell Audio. Headphone TWS/1藍牙耳機 – TWS/1。

Patented NAR high-efficiency noise reduction technology
At present, many true wireless earphones on the market are equipped with active noise reduction function, and TWS/1 is no exception. Users can turn on the noise reduction function by tapping the left earphone for one second at any time. However, in order to fully realize the founder Axel Grell Strong adherence to the clarity and detail of headphones TWS/1 is not only equipped with the active noise reduction function that is common in today's wireless headphones, but also adds the most advanced Noise Annoyance Reduction (NAR) anti-sound interference technology to make noise reduction better than traditional noise reduction. Headphones are more natural and efficient機更自然及更高效率。

Axel Grell, who has extensive experience in headphone development, pointed out that the active noise reduction function concentrates on offsetting the low-frequency noise of the outside world, but at the same time it makes high-frequency noise more obvious. Therefore, Grell Audio has developed an exclusive NAR technology based on the theory of psychoacoustics. The frequency of the noise around the home is automatically adjusted. The reverse sound waves emitted by the active noise canceling function reduce the high-frequency noise received by the user when the active noise canceling mode is turned on, so that the active noise canceling function can not only focus on dealing with low-frequency noise but also offset it. Part of the middle and high frequency noise allows users to fully immerse themselves in their own music world without being disturbed by external noise,完全投入屬於自己的音樂世界。

High Fidelity Active Noise Cancellation Technology
In addition to the most advanced Noise Annoyance Reduction (NAR) anti-sound interference technology, Grell Audio also greatly strengthens the basic technology of TWS/1 in active noise reduction, making the noise reduction function of TWS/1 more practical and improving the user's noise reduction music experience.噪音樂體驗。

The principle of active noise reduction technology is to use the microphone and chip on the earphone to detect and analyze the ambient noise, and then play the low-frequency reverse sound wave with the same amplitude as the noise through the earphone to achieve the noise reduction effect. When the noise reduction function is used, the low-frequency band of the music will be occupied to send out reverse sound waves, which will weaken the low-frequency performance of the music.色與打開功能前不一致。

TWS/1, as a headphone that pays attention to detail, also adjusted the algorithm for the noise reduction function during development, so that the sound performance is not affected after the noise reduction mode is turned on, and the low frequency is still rich and powerful. When the user is in a noisy environment, such as On the street and in vehicles, you can fully enjoy the sound of a high-precision dynamic driver coupled with the legendary tuning of acoustic engineer Axel Grell所呈現的音色。

Well-built exclusive 10mm high-precision moving coil unit
Since there is an excellent noise reduction experience, the tone of the TWS/1 is even more important, so Grell Audio specially designed a dedicated high-precision 10mm moving coil unit for the TWS/1. The founder brings impressive and detailed tone to the TWS/1. As Sennheiser's headphone engineer, many of the headphones designed by Axel Grell are moving coil headphones. He knows the characteristics of the moving coil unit material and how it works. Therefore, the 10mm moving coil unit of TWS/1 is different from a moving coil unit. After careful adjustment and multiple tests, this 10mm moving coil unit can better present the details of high and low frequencies and the dynamics of the sound. Although TWS/1 is only equipped with one moving coil unit, it is based on Axel Grell's understanding of the moving coil unit and the quality of the earphones. Production experience A single moving coil configuration can bring the user's admirable sound performance置都能帶來令用家讚嘆的聲音表現。

Overall Tone The TWS/1 delivers a refined and vibrant sound in a large, defined soundstage plus a well-tuned and convincing message from impressive bass to clear highs, especially in the mids Rich and full of details and features, it completely restores the sound of the music, and each instrument can clearly present the overall performance. The dynamic and dynamic performance and control are very good.控制力都非常之優秀。

Take your sound to the next level樓
In order to make the sound of TWS/1 further sublime according to the preferences of each user, Grell Audio decided to team up with Sonarworks, an audio calibration software expert, to bring users the best personalized wireless earphone sound through the SoundID mobile app. Impressive TWS/1 closer to your preferences上一層樓。
Basic settings
After entering the SoundID app, users can see the headphone model, and users can switch between different sound profiles. Customized EQ function takes headphone tone to the next level機音色更上一層樓。
Built-in operating instructions
Grell TWS/1 supports touchpad and gesture operation for the convenience of users to check the operation method The SoundID app also has a built-in short operation instruction function of the earphone at a glance, so that users can quickly understand the operation method of the touchpad of the TWS/1 earphone although it is a new earphone Users can also get started quickly能快速上手。
Help users set the best EQ
The biggest feature of the SoundID app is the built-in intelligent tailor-made EQ function. Through multiple simple listening tests, you can adjust the most personal sound EQ settings. First, the SoundID app will let you choose your favorite genre and then there will be a series of The A/B comparison app will ask you whether you like the sound of A or B. The process is like taking a psychological test. Users only need to respond according to their own preferences. When users listen carefully, they will find that the sounds of A and B will be slightly different. For example, the low frequency is a little more vocal, the rhythm is stronger, etc. After different types of music are tested by the user, the SoundID app will calculate the user's favorite tone orientation and create an exclusive setting. After completion, SoundID will be for you. Design a tailor-made EQ file, when the user makes a switch comparison, they will find that the sound has a significant improvement, which is more in line with their own tastes時,就會發現音色上有明顯的提升,更符合自己的口味。

Intuitive and comfortable user experience
The touchpad on the Grell Audio TWS/1 earphones not only supports the tap function but also supports gesture operation. When users need to control the previous/next song, they can swipe forward or backward on the left earphone, and only need to use the right side to control the volume. Headphones swipe up or down for music playback and headphone control. All operations can be performed directly on the headphones on both sides. Users don’t need to take out their mobile phones often, and they can listen to music happily. In terms of calling, TWS/1 has a prominent radio rod. Stronger radio capability, higher clarity than earphones equipped with hidden microphones, more convenient for calls. In addition, TWS/1 also supports Siri and Google voice assistant functions.oogle 語音助手功能。

The headset adopts Bluetooth 5.2 chip to support SBC and AAC decoding. Both Android and iPhone users can easily connect to enjoy the rich sound details of TWS/1. At the same time, as a high-quality headset, TWS/1 also supports aptX, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive and LHDC high-quality audio encoding transmission allows users of Android devices to experience Hi-Fi-level sound anytime, anywhere. Just because the TWS/1 uses Bluetooth 5.2 chip headphones, the power consumption efficiency is enough for users to use a single use all day. It can provide 6 hours of battery life when combined with the charging case, and the total battery life can reach 34 hours. When the ANC function is turned off, it can reach a total of 45 hours.後更可達到總共 45 小時。

From the user's point of view
In terms of accessories, Grell Audio TWS/1 comes with 3 pairs of special ear gels of different sizes so that users can enjoy the high-quality music of TWS/1 comfortably. Homes can choose the one that best suits their music experience The included USB Type-C charging cable makes it easier for homeowners to charge the earphones right away為耳機充電。

The packaging of Grell Audio TWS/1 is more concerned with the issue of environmental protection. TWS/1 uses a clear and concise printing design and the outer box adopts 0 plastic packaging, completely discarding plastic materials and then replacing plastic with paper products. The entire packaging from the outer box to the inner partition is made of The production of paper materials ensures that users can enjoy high-quality music while taking into account the principles of sustainable development持續發展的原則。

10mm high precision moving coil unit

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.22

audio encoding
AAC/SBC / aptX / aptX HD / aptX adaptive / LHDC

play time
earphone:6 hours
About 34 hours with charging case時(Noise reduction on) / about 45 hours(Noise reductionclosure

fast charging
70 playbacks on a 15-minute chargeminute

Connection pairing + how to use
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