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Gaudio Tian in-ear headphones

Gaudio Tian in-ear headphones

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【 Portable two-channel experience - Gaudio Tian 】
Gaudio, a headphone brand from Switzerland, has always maintained strict standards for the sound and quality of its products. It is the only local in-ear headphone brand that meets Swiss manufacturing standards. Its latest model, Tian, ​​draws on the design of various outstanding local audiophile audio brands to combine two-channel sound. The new work of audio concept put into in-ear headphones allows users to enjoy a close to two-channel speaker experience anytime and anywhere.聲道喇叭體驗。

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Put top audio into your ears
The Swiss have a very high pursuit of the quality of music and audio, so they have given birth to many top audio brands. Under the influence of this culture, Gaudio has extremely strict requirements on the production standards of its own headphones, aiming to create a sound field and sound field comparable to that of two-channel speakers. Full low frequency滿的低頻

Tian's three-hybrid design corresponds to the unit responsible for the ultra-high frequency in the three-way split of the speaker.單元The magnetostatic unit, which is commonly used in top audio products, has a wide frequency response range and excellent response, allowing Tian to present a sound field performance comparable to that of a two-channel speaker. With the use of moving iron units produced by medical-grade unit manufacturer Sonion Its characteristics of low deviation and high reproduction bring out clear and delicate mid-range performance, and the use of 10mm large-diameter dynamic coil to restore deep low frequencies allows users to experience the sound field and detailed separation of Tian as if it were a two-channel speaker.音場、以及細節分離度。

Precise frequency division line
In addition to using three units with different characteristics for tuning, Gaudio also customized a passive crossover for Tian. When the sound signal passes through, the sound of a specific frequency will be directed to the three units responsible for high, middle and low through the designated crossover point. Each unit can independently process specific sound frequencies so that all sound details can be restored more accurately.以還原得更為精準。

Speaker-like shell design
At the same time, Gaudio also used 3D printing technology to build a dedicated sound chamber for tuning. In addition to reducing the resonance when the unit is operating, it also adjusts the time difference between different sounds reaching the ears, so that the overall separation of the sound field can be comparable to that of two-channel speakers.喇叭的效果。

Ergonomic design
Gaudio also integrated its own earmold storage library to create a shell design for Tian that fits all ear shapes, bringing higher sealing and providing effective sound isolation even when used in stage recording studios.的隔音性能。

Special UP-OCC wire
Gaudio also equips the wires with pure copper upgraded wires braided with an eight-twist method, which can effectively utilize the conductor characteristics to bring mellow sound performance to the headphones.音表現。

Equipped with Symbio W Peel ear gel
In order to improve the fit between the earphones and the ear canal, Tian is equipped with a softer Symbio W Peel ear gel that will not feel uncomfortable even after long-term use. It is also available in XS to XL sizes for users to choose from.家選擇。

Low frequency 10mm moving coil unit x11
Sonion moving iron unit x11
High frequency magnetostatic unit x11

Frequency response


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