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Fostex TH616 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Headphones

Fostex TH616 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Headphones

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【 Natural Morning Light - Fostex TH616 】
Combining nature to bring out the brilliance of sound for you. Over the past 50 years, the headphone speakers produced by Fostex have been highly recognized by users both in terms of workmanship and sound performance. On the occasion of the brand's 50th anniversary, Fostex will use its patented Bio- The Dyna diaphragm combined with the large-diameter unit uses black walnut as the headphone shell to bring you natural and real sound.來自然而真實的聲音。

feature of product

Open shell carved from solid black walnut
The shell is carved from solid black walnut and features an open opening. Its design is inspired by the wonderful natural phenomenon of sunlight filtering through gaps in trees. This machined design not only reduces weight and maintains rigidity, it also avoids uniformity across the shell's surface. It suppresses the generation of modal vibration and reduces unnecessary resonance. In addition, in order to eliminate the impact of opening resonance on sound, all openings have different areas to suppress the occurrence of resonance at specific frequencies.特定頻率下共振的發生。

Biodyna separator made of biofiber material
Leveraging expertise accumulated over many years, biocellulose fibers are blended with other fibers under optimal conditions to achieve low specific gravity, high Young's modulus, and high internal loss. In addition to delicate, high-resolution and beautiful mid- and high-frequency reproduction, a free edge with good linearity is adopted. Large-amplitude mid-low frequencies are faithfully reproduced現了大振幅的中低頻。

High quality lightweight mechanical parts件
By using high-density resin as a baffle, we reduce the generation of resonance sounds and achieve high-resolution, rich midrange and high-quality bass reproduction.音再現。


- open

- 50mm neodymium magnet Biodyna diaphragm膜

maximum input
- 1800mW

Frequency Range
- 5 ~ 45000 Hz


- 25Ω
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