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Fono Reference 1 Ceramic Dynamic In-Ear Headphones (Display Item)

Fono Reference 1 Ceramic Dynamic In-Ear Headphones (Display Item)

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【Ceramic dynamic blessing from the perspective of an audiophile - Reference 1Ref.011)】
Fono's first pair of in-ear headphones use self-developed 10.2mm crystal效與聽感。

Traditional skills are improved and passed on by a group of enthusiasts. The term retro does not necessarily mean rehashing the old generation, but making the best better.好的,做得更好。

Fono's predecessor was a manufacturer that specialized in designing and producing headphone cables for Hi-Fi brands. It was founded by four senior audio players. Its expertise in product design, trade, luxury goods, and the pursuit of sound in the marketing field allowed them to have many exchanges. The idea of ​​designing new products eventually became the opportunity to establish Fono and design the brand's first pair of headphones with JBL horn speakers as the sound inspiration, also known as Butterfly. Reference 1eference 1。

feature of product
Light and dynamic crystal X .pet sound unit
As Fono's first product, Reference 1 has been carefully designed from the acoustics of the casing to the use of the unit, so that users can enjoy a natural and wide dynamic listening experience as soon as they put on the headphones.的動圈聽感。

Adopting Fono's specially customized 10.2mm crystal The ultra-hard PVC chassis is coated with a micron-level ceramic coating to help the diaphragm maintain good elasticity and significantly reduce the impact of time tailing effects, enhancing the reproduction and detail performance of mid- and high-frequency bands.的還原 度及細節表現。

Acoustic Linkage-CNC Aluminum Alloy Housing
The casing of Reference 1 is CNC-cut from a solid block of aluminum alloy. Its unique feature is its integrally cut ear tube design, which is slightly different from the metal-cased headphones on the market. The lines are cleaner and are also part of the internal acoustic design.中一部份。

There are two air return ports on the casing for the dynamic unit to assist the air flow in the front and rear chambers of the dynamic coil respectively. There is a dedicated reflection space in front of the coil to allow sound waves to flow naturally to the inner ear canal through the specially designed acoustic chamber. To achieve distinct spatial reverberation and airy feeling響與空氣感。

Carefully crafted - eye-catching minimalist look
Designed by the domestic design company, Reference 1 has a simple design language that combines smooth and hard aluminum alloy with a changeable and bright colorful ink panel and a brushed Fono logo for embellishment, creating a richly layered and high-contrast look and feel.比度極高的觀感。

And this wonderful metalwork also creates the ergonomic body of Reference 1. It looks like it has sharp corners. In fact, its corners are well polished, and its weight is balanced and close to the ear shape. For Fono, the wearing feeling is also one of the factors that affects the listening experience.感的因素之一。

Fono's exclusive wiring - special wires that pay equal attention to beauty and quality
Fono has rich experience in wire design, so Reference 1’s original wires can be a little different.一樣。

The pure black Mark 6.6 original wire is based on 6N OFC and 6N OCC mixed core. The outer layer is covered with a TPU shielding layer added with graphite powder and a black high-density shock absorber net. This is a relatively rare production process in the industry. This design can bring To achieve good shielding effect, keep the cable body soft and strengthen the basic performance of Reference 1 from the root的基礎表現。

The design expert has also added a unique color to the plug. Each original line will have an artificial gemstone inlaid on the plug shell to match the MMCX and 4.4 plugs with silver shells to make the look and feel more consistent.一致性。

10.2mm crystal

Headphone cord core

Headphone cableShielding material
TPU + graphite powder

6N OFC + 6N OCC mixedHeadphone cable
1 pair each of ear gels S, M, and L 對
Leather storage box
small storage bag
Large storage bag

Headphone cleaning stick
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