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Focal Bathys Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

Focal Bathys Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

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【Focal’s first Hi-Fi wireless noise-canceling headphones - Bathys】
Bathys wireless headphones use Bluetooth 5.1 and active noise cancellation technology. The headphones have two noise reduction modes - Silent mode for places with loud ambient noise and Soft mode to enhance concentration - both of which have perfect sound isolation effect. There is also a transparency mode that allows users to perceive surrounding ambient sounds when necessary.必要時感知周圍的環境音。

The earphones use a patented aluminum/magnesium M-type spherical dynamic unit to bring you pure high-fidelity sound with rich details and full power. In addition, the earphones also have a USB-DAC mode that can achieve a resolution of up to 24bit/192kHz, giving you an unparalleled experience in portable earphones. With excellent sound quality and up to 30 hours of battery life in Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation modes, these portable headphones are the perfect travel companion whether you're traveling in a car or on a plane.它都是完美的出行伴侶。

The design inspiration of Bathys headphones is inherited from Focal. The open and closed over-ear headphones are made of exquisite materials, have an elegant silver-black finish, and are rich in details, such as the backlit flame logo in the center of the ear cups that can be lit or turned off. The headphones also use Exquisite leather and microfiber headband and earcups are very comfortable and easy to replace. The main frame is made of aluminum to provide reliable support.提供可靠支撐力。

  • Equipped with two modes of active noise cancellation
  • Using Focal aluminum/magnesium M-type spherical moving coil unit made in France
  • Equipped with USB-DAC mode that can decode up to 24bit/192kHzz
  • It adopts a classic black and silver appearance and the overall structure is light and ergonomic.工學
  • 30 hoursEndurancefast charge 15 minutes provides 5 hours of playback time

feature of product
Patent unit Made in France
Bathys headphones are equipped with a patented 40mm aluminum/magnesium M-type spherical dynamic driver. This driver is made in France and uses technologies from Focal's top headphones. They combine the brand's expertise in sound with high-fidelity transparency. and dynamic form reproduction of sound式再現聲音。

Active noise reduction technology
Bathys headphones provide 2 noise reduction modes. ANC active noise reduction allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of music. Silent mode is suitable for places with loud ambient noise such as airplanes and trains, and Soft mode to enhance concentration in home offices. In addition, there is also a Transparency mode. Allows users to sense surrounding ambient sounds when necessary模式,可讓用戶在必要時感知周圍的環境音。

Multiple connectivity options and long battery life
Bathys is compatible with SBCAACaptX and aptX Adaptive codecs and features multiple connectivity options Bluetooth 5.13.5mm and USB-C wired connectivity Over 30 hours of battery life in Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation modes Headphones also feature ultra-fast charging Only Charging for 15 minutes can play music for 5 hours. USB-C wired connection can use USB-DAC mode to achieve resolutions up to 24bit/192kHz, making the connection of headphones more diverse.z 的分辨率,令耳機的連接更多元化。

Exquisite materials
Bathys' design inspiration comes from Focal's open and closed headband headphones, which are made of sophisticated materials such as magnesium, leather, aluminum, etc. They are suitable for any head shape and are extremely comfortable to wear. The round earcup grille is beautiful in shape and adopts Focal's delicate aesthetic principles for headphones.細膩的耳機美學準則。

Distinctive finishing effect
The brand's logo is located in the center of the earcups and also includes a white backlight design that can be turned on or off as needed. Bathys headphones have a unique silver-black finish and are made of fine leather with a microfiber headband. The earcups are very comfortable and easy to replace. The main frame is made of aluminum. The system structure provides reliable support. The whole body is very light and compact. The design also has excellent support effect.有卓越的支撐效果。

40mm aluminum/magnesium M-type spherical moving coil unit

Frequency response

Total harmonic distortion THDD)

Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.11

audio coding
AACSBCAptXAptX Adaptiveve®

play time
Bluetooth and noise reduction mode are on for about 30 hours時
About 35 hours in 3.5mm connection mode時

USB DAC mode about 42 hours時


1.2m 3.5mm headphone cable
1.2m USB-C cable
Portable protective case

Dimensions including headphone case盒)

About 350g
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