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Flash Acoustics

Flash acoustics ultron 4.4mm headphone upgrade cable

Flash acoustics ultron 4.4mm headphone upgrade cable

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Hong Kong FlashAcoustics is a manufacturer specializing in OEM wires and is famous for its innovative design and excellent quality. In 2023, the Hong Kong manager decided to officially develop in the brand direction and established the FlashAcoustics brand. A new series of products infused with the latest technology. Hong Kong FlashAcoustics has its own independent The integrated factory consists of design, manufacturing and welding, etc. All aspects are supervised by a team of experienced professionals.富的專業團隊監督。

After years of OEM experience, Instant Sound understands very well how to achieve the best results in upgrading lines. Through our professional design team, we have created a series of exclusive wire structures. The specially designed wire structures provide players with the best sense of hearing and quality. Whether you are a professional music practitioner or a headphone enthusiast, believe that FlashAcoustics’ cables will not disappoint you.都不會令你失望。

Ultron IEM is a masterpiece of FA's years of research and development. It is made of a mixture of various precious metals, including palladium-plated silver, sterling silver, 7NOCC copper and silver-gold alloy. Through the delicate balance between the three frequencies and the unique sense of air of XCross, every piece of music played back is The work is both captivating and inspiring人又鼓舞人心。
Playing with Ultron is a journey of musical senses and discovery that reveals the subtle nuances and hidden depths of your favorite songs. Its balanced tones are like a gorgeous symphony. A harmonious blend of low, mid and high flows effortlessly from one note to the next. The sound of an Ultron is both smooth and complete without any harshness, allowing you to immerse yourself in a personal musical journey.在屬於個人的音樂之旅。
Ultron is also a master of the sound stage, a master of spatial awareness that transports you to another world. Its range is like a spectacular view. Every instrument and voice stretches out in front of you like a canvas, filled with detail in every note and The instruments are carefully placed in a three-dimensional space that is both immersive and breathtaking,又令人歎為觀止。
Ultron is more than just a work of art. It is a testament to the beauty of music. Its precise materials and balanced tone will definitely leave a deep impression on you.深刻的印象。
X-Cross Technology and PNT Technology
X-Cross and PNT are actually complementary technologies. In addition to its appearance, X-Cross mainly provides a transmission channel for PNT to achieve a delay effect through the winding negative electrode of X-Cross. The additional winding of the main core can reduce the proximity effect of the outer conductor and then cooperate with it. PNT accurately calculates the signal delay ratio and twisting distance to make the sound field sound more three-dimensional and the positioning of instruments more accurate.樂器定位更加精准。
Cryogenic critical point annealed single crystal copper SCOCC
Cryogenic critical point annealed single crystal copper (SCOCC) was first developed by Flash Acoustics in 2017. The full name of SCOCC is critical point annealed frozen single crystal copper. The manufacturing process of cryogenic critical point annealed single crystal copper uses precise heat treatment and cryogenic treatment. Cryogenic cooling is used when drawing filaments. Annealing to ensure that the copper crystals are oriented with a single crystallinity and orientation at every step of manufacturing和方向。
Double layer silk coated with gold and silver oil impregnated
Indeed, when we make gold and silver oil-immersed wires, foreign wire rod manufacturers have launched similar products, but without exception, problems such as oil leakage and oxidation have always appeared in the finished products. The reason is inseparable from the lack of media. Traditional oil-immersed wires are mainly divided into three categories. Silk-coated oil-impregnated paper membrane oil-impregnated and oil-filled oil-impregnated油浸以及充油油浸。
The main reasons for using oil-filled oil-immersed cables in the past that fall into the third category on the market are due to the heat dissipation of cable conductors and the replaceable mineral oil. However, it is already very difficult to make such a small wire without oil leakage due to the swing of daily use. We are the first to create Dual Lock. The inner double-layer wire bag serves as the main oil storage medium and the surface layer is air-dried so that gold and silver oil can be effectively stored in the double-layer silk bag medium. The silver-plated palladium mother wire in the main core is wrapped with Dual Lock outer layer for double protection. leak Lock外層,雙重防漏。
FA SoftFlex material outer cover
The new series uses customized FA SoftFlex coating. Due to the ultra-high temperature extrusion and slow drawing of SoftFlex materials, each batch only allows 200 meters of extrusion. Every centimeter of wire is carefully selected and is not a mass-produced wire. SoftFlex material has features that are comparable to other well-known brands and competitors in terms of wire transparency, feel, pull resistance and durability.拉扯以及耐用等的特點。
130-channel CNC diamond cutting process
 The tough and square design style requires more than a hundred cutting processes for each accessory to be formed. The optical splitter has up to 48 independent planes. In order to make each plane precise transition, the processing accuracy is measured in microns and um. It can be said that the engineering team of Instant Sound has spent countless efforts and time carefully crafting to finally put the finished product into everyone's eyes.把成品放進大家的眼中。
Exquisite hardware precision processing
Thanks to all audiophiles for your spiritual and financial support along the way. Flash Acoustics has finally introduced a true five-axis CNC machining center and has become one of the few audiophile headphone or wire manufacturers that is self-sufficient in accessories. In the past, Flash Acoustics was proud of the originality of its wires. Since its establishment, we have led the international market to a higher level of design and quality. The results are obvious to all. We hope that through more diversified original designs and the latest technology of metal precision processing, we will lead the fever wire market to a new era of high-quality products.,邁向精品的全新紀元。
Signature Series Ultronn
StructureCustom Litz + Xcross + Nano silver-gold oil soaked with silk wrappingg
Material Taiwan Made Conductor體
(i) Negative: Gold Plated over Silver + Silver Gold Alloy
(ii) Positive: Palladium plated silver + OCC Silver + OCC Copper + Silver Gold Alloy
Wire Gauge 21 AWGG

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