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Flash Acoustics

Flash Acoustics Thanos "Thanos" headphone upgrade line

Flash Acoustics Thanos "Thanos" headphone upgrade line

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With evil black purple
Thanos uses X-Cross and PNT technology to combine the collision of purple and black. Purple generally represents holiness, nobility, and love, but in ancient Chinese traditional culture, the correct colors are the five elements of green, red, and yellow. , white, black, and purple are a combination of green and red. They are not orthodox colors and can express "unorthodox". It is this unorthodoxy that also represents Thanos' obsession.

Own research ratio plan
Thanos uses a unique technology called "Aurora hybrid Technology", which is a special new exclusive technology that combines the ratio of gold and silver elements. After many attempts, we found the most suitable mixing ratio for use in headphone cables. This technology has unique advantages in timbre and significant advantages in application. It can bring a strong sense of upgrade to the earphones, allowing the earphones to provide more delicate and excellent sound quality, allowing you to enjoy a more complete true restoration when listening. .

Hybrid coaxial structure
This hybrid structure uses different coarse and fine metal conductors, including 7N single crystal copper, "Aurora" gold plating and "Aurora" palladium plating. This coaxial hybrid design helps improve the sound performance, and combined with the forward and reverse twisted structure, stabilizes the electric field and makes the background darker and quieter.

Signature Series – Thanos

Structure: Custom Litz + Xcross + Nano Silver-Gold Oil Soaked With Silk Wrapping
Material: Taiwan conductor
(i) Positive: Gold Plated Aurora Hybrid & Palladium Plated Aurora Hybrid + 7N SC-OCC Copper
(ii) Negative: Silver Plated 5N OFC
Wire gauge: 23.9 AWG
Standard version configuration: 4.4MM+ConX Full
Headphone cable price: HKD $4999
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