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Final Audio A4000 In-Ear Headphones

Final Audio A4000 In-Ear Headphones

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The newly designed driver unit f-Core DU configuration achieves unparalleled natural sound quality and represents a new representative product in this price range.表性產品。

In order to achieve sound quality standards that are impossible to achieve in this price range, the A4000 started with the expansion of new R&D and production bases. The 6mmφ dynamic driver was not only a new design in the component structure but also the production machine. This was established during the development of the flagship model A8000. Designed based on the final exclusive evaluation method, the extremely transparent sound quality allows each sound source to be layered and clearly heard regardless of the distance and positioning of any type of music.並清楚的被聽見。

feature of product

Results of the new sound quality evaluation method
For the development of the A series, a new evaluation method was found in the analysis of the relationship between sound quality and its physical characteristics. The results have been implemented on the flagship A8000. The A4000 further sublimates the results. Generally speaking, people will evaluate many different qualities. Listen to the recorded music at the volume that best suits you. However, the traditional evaluation method is to conduct subjective evaluation under conditions such as fixed sound pressure. In this way, it is relatively difficult to evaluate the sound quality in actual products. For this reason, consider In order to become a representative product in this price range, new research results are used to judge based on actual music listening conditions.樂聽取情況去進行評判。

New drive unit f-Core DU configuration designed by the Comprehensive Component Production Technology Supervision CenterDU」配置
In order to achieve sound quality that is impossible to achieve at this price, Final added new overseas bases. The design of the diaphragm coil, magnet, magnetic circuit of the drive unit parts, the types of adhesives used in each part, and even the production machinery were completely new and a new design was developed. The front chamber material of the 6mmφ dynamic unit f-Core DU driver unit is made of brass, which is less affected by magnetism than aluminum and has a higher specific gravity. In order to pursue the transient response of the diaphragm, the coil uses 30μ ultra-fine CCAW special conductor The amount of enameled wire adhesive is also minimized as much as possible during assembly, so that the movable parts can be lightened. In addition, the diaphragm is pressed in 1/3 of the usual mass production quantity, using a small and detailed production method to prevent as much as possible. The generation of pressure offset achieves a uniform and flat diaphragm.壓力偏移的產生,實現厚薄均一且平整的振膜。

Wearing feeling like exclusive customized headphones
The A4000 is based on the body design that was established as the most suitable for IEM headphones during the development of the B series. It is designed to achieve an unparalleled wearing feeling. The quality of the wearing feeling of the earphones depends on the reaction of silicone such as the feeling of pressure and the ergonomic appearance. The method of maintaining force may sound like a good method at first, but applying pressure to the ears for a long time will unknowingly put an invisible burden on the ears and accumulate fatigue. Compared with the method of contacting the ears with a large area, the range and shape of the contact area are limited. Aiming to achieve a stress-free wearing experience, the body of A4000 maintains an overall stable wearing experience through the following three points. Any point in the range of the pink part (ear shell) in the picture below is 1 of the green part of the earmuff. Dot 1 dot on the blue part (ear beads) for a total of 3 dots. This method can be more universally suitable for various ear shapes. If the contact points are completely free of pressure, you can feel the incomparable wearing feeling, just like a customer. Customized headphones are even more comfortable than customized headphones是客製化耳機甚至比客製化耳機更為來得舒適的感受。

2Pin connection terminal + original OFC oxygen-free copper headphone cable
The 2Pin headphone cable is a high-precision product developed by our company. It adopts the commonly used φ0.78 specification. In order to overcome the stethoscope effect, it uses an extremely soft and tough covering material. It is soft and easy to bend when used with ear hooks. It is more convenient to wear and use更為方便。

Improvement of the stethoscope effect of the earphone cord (additional buckle structure design)
The earhook device can effectively prevent the stethoscope effect of the earphone cord. The uncomfortable friction sound (stethoscope effect) caused by the contact between the earphone cord and the body during walking after assembly can be very effective in mitigating the earhook products previously launched by our company. The hook product is made of thin wire or resin earphone cables. There is no foreign body feeling after installation. It has superior comfort performance of "forgetting that it exists" and firmly holds the earphone cables. The buckle structure is added (TYPE B).YPE B)。

Original silicone ear gels in different colors on the left and right axes
We use two types of silicone materials with different hardnesses for the sound conduit part and the part that is in direct contact with the ears. The silicone material used in the sound conduit part is harder than the silicone material used in the ear contact part, and a groove design is added to the periphery to increase the strength of the ear gel. It has both softness and softness. The ear contact part is made of softer silicone material. It has a comfortable wearing feeling and high soundproofing performance. The color of the axis is one is gray and the other is red. The silicone eargel can be easily opened to confirm the axis. The color of the heart can be easily divided into left and right in areas with little light. Further, the color of the axis between the adjacent sizes of the ear gel is also slightly different, so it is relatively simple to judge the size (gray is the color between the axes). There are dark and light red colors (between the axis is red and pink). There are 5 sizes SS/S/M/L/LL and an exclusive storage box for easy carrying and storage.寸及附加方便攜帶收納的專屬收納盒。

Easy to carry silicone storage box
A silicone storage box that can easily store the entire headphone cable and make it easy to carry. The headphone body can be stored stably in a thin and soft round silicone cover.中。

Drive unit
Moving coil drive
Headphone jack
Headphone wire
Black oxygen-free copper wire
Headphone cord length
Silicone carrying case
E Type Earglue (5 sizes)
Earhook (Buckle structure design added)
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