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FiiO M23 portable high-resolution lossless music player

FiiO M23 portable high-resolution lossless music player

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【 AKM flagship DAC combination AK4191EQ + AK4499EX ~ M23 】
Following Q15 and K9 AKM, the third time adopting the new flagship DAC combination AK4191EQ + AK4499EX from AKM, based on the new design technology of completely separate digital/analog structure, integrating the newly developed "DWA ROUTING technology", improving signal-to-noise ratio and reducing various amplitude noises, further purifying the background, enhancing resolution, and presenting a balanced and relaxed sound, showing a wide and natural charm.

  • Flagship DAC combo ~ AK4191EQ + AK4499EX
  • Patented desktop mode ~ One-click open
  • Independent Type-C power supply ~ Dual 1000mW high power
  • New THX AAA 78+ headphone amplifier architecture ~ True balanced 8-channel parallel
  • Full chain HiFi audio architecture ~ Mixed four-stage gainHello.
  • High-quality HiFi audio materials throughout the entire chain ~ rich and flavorful
  • Ultra-fine power supply with twenty stages ~ precise and stable sound restoration
  • 28 large-capacity polymer tantalum capacitors
  • Dual-core fast charging engine ~ 30W safe supercharge
  • 5500mAh large battery ~ durable
  • DAPS Digital Audio Purification System ~ Global Original Sampling Rate Output
  • Global PEQ adjustment ~ Global ALL TO DSD
  • Six major working modes ~ Streaming playback is also very "smooth"
  • Classic design, timeless
  • All-round, one-stop solution ~ Smart control at its best.

Product Features
Patented desktop mode, one-click open
The Feiao portable player is equipped with the D.MODE efficient switching switch for the first time. When the D.MODE is activated, the M23 will be fully powered by an external power source. At this time, the built-in battery will neither charge nor discharge, allowing it to be used as a power source, effectively extending the battery life.

Independent Type-C power supply, infinite power
Dual Type-C interface, with a separate power input interface (POWER IN). Connecting a fast charger to the independent power input interface can activate the high-power mode, further releasing amplifier gain and driving force, with an output power of up to 1000mW + 1000mW per channel, providing better driving capability for high-impedance headphones. At this time, the other Type-C interface no longer consumes power, suitable for connecting to a mobile phone for use as a USB DAC.

New THX AAA 78+ headphone amplifier architecture True balanced 8-channel full-time parallel
The THX AAA 78 technology used in M11 Pro and M11 Plus is highly favored by users worldwide. After years of refinement and improvement, it has evolved into the THX AAA 78+ headphone amplifier architecture, which significantly enhances the output power of M23 while delivering studio-grade sound reproduction that is immersive and powerful.

Full chain HiFi audio architecture with four-level gain mixing
Equipped with a complete DAC, I/V, LPF, voltage amplification, and parallel-driven audio architecture, the I/V and LPF sections each use 2 low-noise, high-precision operational amplifiers OPA1612, and the voltage amplification section uses 2 low-noise, high-bandwidth operational amplifiers OPA1662 to ensure the accurate reproduction of audio signals, presenting clear detail resolution and significantly enhanced driving capability; paired with a mixed four-gear gain, it can further expand the driving range of the post-stage, better adapting to earphones and over-ear headphones.

Full chain HiFi audio materials with quality and taste
The audio circuits of I/V, LPF, and THX adopt a large number of high-precision thin film resistors. For the LPF section, 8 Panasonic thin film capacitors are selected to enhance the delicate and stable sound quality, ensuring higher consistency in performance between left and right channels and across different frequency ranges.

Ultra-fine power supply with 20 levels for precise and stable sound reproduction.
Over the years, Feiao has accumulated comprehensive HiFi audio power design experience. The M23 is equipped with a four-tier power stabilization structure and up to twenty branches of power supply network, providing a solid foundation and power for high-quality digital and analog audio.

Analog, digital independent power supply
By effectively reducing the interference between digital and analog circuits, digital signals are more accurate, analog signals are purer, and the driving force is more abundant. The analog audio power supply not only subdivides the DAC power supply, small signal amplification, and headphone amplifier drive into multiple independent power supplies, but also adopts a four-stage series voltage regulation structure including OVP, self-adjusting voltage regulation, high-efficiency boost, π-type filtering, and LDO voltage regulation. Portable devices also have a power supply network comparable to desktops.

28 large-capacity polymer tantalum capacitors
In DAC, I/V, LPF, THX and other sophisticated power supply systems, M23 is equipped with 28 large-capacity polymer tantalum capacitors, providing strong and abundant power supply, resulting in more powerful sound.

Simulated power supply: 4 KEMET large-capacity tantalum polymer capacitorsHello.
Power supply: 12 KEMET large capacity polymer tantalum capacitorsHello.
Power supply for I/V and LPF: 6 large capacity AVX tantalum polymer capacitors
Power supply: 6 large-capacity KEMET tantalum capacitors.

Dual-core fast charging engine 30W safe supercharge
M23 applies dual charging engine technology, combining fast charging with regular fast charging. It can quickly recharge devices with 30W safe supercharging, and switch to regular fast charging when nearing full battery to maintain battery health while improving charging efficiency.

5500mAh large battery long-lasting
Selected low-resistance fast charging battery, using high-temperature resistant material technology, with low-resistance parallel MOS protection board design, solid material, safe and reliable, providing long-term use protection.

DAPS Digital Audio Purification System Global Original Sampling Rate Output
The DAPS digital audio purification system, composed of Flyaudio's self-developed HiFi-grade Android dual-layer audio core + low-jitter clock auxiliary processor, not only provides a high-precision, low-jitter unified clock source, but also accurately matches various sampling rate PCM and DSD audio. Flyaudio music, partner music apps, USB DAC, and other global audio sources can achieve audio original sampling rate output, bringing you a more authentic music experience.

Global PEQ adjustment Global ALL TO DSD
In all operating modes, the M23 supports 10-band PEQ adjustment function. Through FiiO's independently developed adjustment algorithm and interface, users can finely adjust the frequency points, gain, bandwidth, and Q value of the EQ for precise tuning. This allows users to simulate or correct the headphone's frequency response curve to meet personal listening preferences. In addition, the M23 can also activate the ALL TO DSD function in all operating modes to experience the charm of different audio formats.

Six major working modes Streaming media playback is also very "smooth"
The M23 is equipped with six working modes including Roon Ready*, Android, Pure Audio, Bluetooth, and AirPlay, allowing you to quickly switch between different listening modes and enjoy the music effortlessly. Its powerful functions do not stop there, as the M23 can receive streaming music through DLNA and play songs from NAS/local network/cloud servers via UPNP/SMB/WebDav.
The Roon Ready certification is in progress, and the specific approval time is subject to official notification from FiiO.

Classic design, timeless
5.5-inch HD display, 18:9 golden ratio, providing a comfortable viewing experience and feel. The Feiao classic hexagonal honeycomb design features three-dimensional cutting and distinct edges, highlighting a masculine beauty. Available in aluminum alloy and stainless steel versions, the exquisite texture of different materials is evident at first touch. The deep blue and silver body is equipped with electroplated tempered glass panels on the back, creating a surreal world where light and shadow dance together.

Main control
Qualcomm Snapdragon 660

AK4191EQ + AK4499EX

5.5" display screen (720 x 1440)

Output interface
Single-ended: 3.5mm PO/HELLO/SPDIF
Balance: 4.4mm PO

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth format
Received:SBC / AAC / LDAC
Launch:SBC / AAC / aptX / aptX HD / LDAC / LHDC

Output power
L+R≥1000mW+1000mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%/Balanced/High Gain Mode)
L+R≥240mW+240mW (300Ω/THD+N<1%/Balanced/High Gain Mode)
L+R≥420mW+420mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%/Single-ended/High-gain mode)`
L+R≥60mW+60mW (300Ω/THD+N<1%/Single-ended/Large-ear mode)`
L+R≥125mW+125mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%/Single-ended/High gain)
L+R≥475mW+475mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%/Balanced/High Gain)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
≥125dB (A-weighted)

Background noise
PO: <1.9μV (A-weighted)
BAL: <3.1μV (A-weighted)

Output impedance
1Ω (32Ω load)

Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise
≤0.00038% (1kHz/-6dB@32Ω)



Battery specifications

Battery life
Single-sided:About 10.5 hours
Balance:About 9 hours

136.5 x 75.7 x 18.1 mm

Blue Deep Blue (Aluminum): Approximately 299g
Silver (stainless steel):About 392.3g
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