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FiiO FH7S ~ Mecha Scale の Ring Iron

FiiO FH7S ~ Mecha Scale の Ring Iron

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【Finale of the Year ~ FiiO FH7S ~ Mecha Scale の Ring Iron】

Since FH5S Dragon Scale ~ great acclaim

“It will be one of the most capable headphones in 4K”

“It will be one of the most competitive ring iron headphones in 4K”

“How is it? Let's get to know each other now.認識!!!

01. FH7S extracts the essence of high-end technology from FH9 to create a circle of four-iron acoustic structure構

02. Equipped with the second-generation FiiO self-developed low-frequency moving coil 13.6mm large-size DLC diaphragm unit元

03. The intermediate frequency adopts the DFK composite unit customized by FiiO and Knowles, and the vocal performance is more charming味

04. High frequency adopts Knowles SWFK-31736 composite moving iron unit, good high frequency resolution and air feeling感

Excellent sense of presence allows notes to travel through the air間

FH7S adopts a brand-new second-generation semi-open acoustic rear cavity, based on FiiO front and rear cavity balanced pressure relief technology, which not only effectively balances the air pressure in the cavity and eliminates the pressure on the eardrum, but also makes the sound more soft and natural. The sound field is broad and magnificent. in front of,恢弘篇章近在眼前。

0.4mm Pleasure Brand New FiiO Silicone Headphone Cover套

The brand-new FiiO silicone earphone cover will debut on FH7S for the first time. The grasp of details is FiiO's relentless pursuit. The selection of high-quality silicone material is not only soft and skin-friendly, but also has the characteristics of strong tensile strength. In the actual product, the edge of the earphone cover is only 0.4mm The root cause of thickness solves the problem of ear swelling佩戴漲耳的問題。

The listening experience of the cable has been greatly improved級

FH7S comes standard with an 8-strand 152-core single-crystal copper-plated silver-plated headphone cable with 19 cores per share and a single insulated audio plug.頻插頭。


One-circle four-iron acoustic structure/ 13.6mm large-size DLC diaphragm unit/ Knowles custom-made four-iron moving unit/ sci-fi scale armor design/ unique notch acoustic filtering technology/ second-generation semi-open acoustic rear cavity/ 8 152-core single-crystal copper-plated silver-plated headphone cable/ brand new FiiO silicone headphone case/ 3 kinds of tuning filters as standard/ S.TURBO acoustic filter patented technology/ in-line twist-lock interchangeable audio connector

Reasons to buy:

1. A circle of four-iron acoustic structure ~ high-end configuration full performance time online上

2. 13.6mm large-size DLC diaphragm unit ~ the choice of the second-generation self-developed dynamic coil選

3. Knowles customized four moving iron unit ~ Exclusive customization to explore the beauty of medium and high frequency sound美

4. Notch wave acoustic filter technology ~ Effectively suppress tooth sound and restore transparent and bright sound音

5. The second-generation semi-open acoustic rear cavity ~ the sound is natural and melodious, just like listening on the spot聽

6. CNC machining aluminum alloy cavity ~ optimal material quality process藝

7. 8-strand 152-core single crystal copper silver-plated headphone cable ~ more cores to deliver pure and good sound音

8. Brand new FiiO Silicone Headphone Cover HS18 ~ The standard SML umbrella edge is only 0.4mmm

Specifications: Unit type: 1 circle four-iron headphone Sensitivity: 104dB/mW@1kHz Wire type: 8-strand 152-core high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire Frequency response range: 10Hz-40kHz Audio plug: Standard 3.5/4.4mm plug wire Body Length: 1.2m Speaker Impedance: 18Ω@1kHz Headphone Connector: Expandable MMXC Headphone Plug Single Weight: About 9.0g excluding cables材)

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