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FiiO BTA30 PRO HD Bluetooth Decoder Transceiver

FiiO BTA30 PRO HD Bluetooth Decoder Transceiver

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Two-way LDAC Bluetooth Independent DAC ES9038Q2M DSP upscaling technology XMOS decoding Qualcomm CSR8675 Support 384k/DSD256 RGB light indication APP smart remote controlPP智慧遙控

1. Independent DAC ES9038Q2M ~ better performance and richer audio details富
2. XMOS decoding ~ support up to 384k/32bit and hard decoding DSD256
3. High-performance DSP ~ meet various decoding requirements to improve audio accuracy度
4. Qualcomm CSR8675 ~ Bluetooth 5.0 supports aptX HD/LDACC
5. Two-way LDAC Bluetooth ~ Bluetooth LDAC receive USB/SPDIF input LDAC transmit射
6. One-to-two function ~ supports two bluetooth devices in bluetooth receive/transmit mode
7. Bypass function ~ multiple decoding modes in optical DAC mode式
8. APP smart remote control ~ channel balance function, four audio filter switching, etc.等

Product Features

1. Intelligent experience ~ create a comprehensive home audio and video circle
With three modes and four functions, BTA30 Pro is a sure-fire weapon to improve the sound quality of audio equipment such as TV speakers, computers, etc. It can save your old equipment and make home life more interesting.家生活更有趣。

2. High-definition smooth connection in one step, support LDAC Bluetooth in multiple modes藍牙
As the ceiling of Bluetooth encoding, LDAC encoding of 96kHz/24bit is supported, which is a standard that every Bluetooth device wants to achieve. The upgraded version of BTA30 Pro is a rare device on the market that supports bidirectional LDAC. In addition to LDAC reception, it can also input SPDIF on USB. Support LDAC transmission when inputting, no matter what kind of situation and any mode, there is high-definition transmission都有高清的傳輸。

3. Great performance improvement ~ XMOS decoding improves USB decoding capability力
The use of XMOS decoding chip and clock matching management system can support the sampling rate of 384k/32bit and hard-decode DSD256. More scenarios are also easy to control.鬆駕馭。

Independent high-performance DAC ES9038Q2M The analog part adopts high-performance DAC ES9038Q2M has better performance than the previous generation, richer audio details and richer dynamic range than portable products, and also adds film capacitors for tuning to make high frequencies more transparent and bright更通透明亮。

High-performance audio DSP digital upscaling technology術
Adding an independent high-performance DSP chip to the desktop Bluetooth decoding and SPDIF decoding system can meet the decoding needs of various formats, and the scope of application is wider. The digital audio is increased to 384k by DSP operation for processing, which greatly improves the audio accuracy and brings better listening experience好的聽音體驗。
Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip
Bluetooth low energy chip with enhanced audio applications Qualcomm CSR8675 supports 24bit audio processing and 120MHz DSP, which can effectively integrate various lossless Bluetooth decoding operations一體。

4. Turn on the Bluetooth receiving mode RXX)
Breaking the boundaries of traditional speaker upgrades級
Renovating the old speakers at home can solve the problem. In the Bluetooth receiving mode, the BTA30 Pro can be connected to the mobile phone or the player. The music played by the mobile phone/player is decoded by the BTA30 Pro and rejuvenated in the traditional speakers and other devices without Bluetooth.煥發新活力!
*Support LDAC/aptX/aptX HD/AAC HD Bluetooth format

5. Turn on the Bluetooth transmission mode TX, a good movie should be matched with a good sound quality好音質
If you want to feel the high-definition sound near your ears, the BTA30 Pro will create a private theater for you at any time. After connecting the BTA30 Pro with the digital output of the TV/CD player/computer, you can transmit the signal to the Bluetooth headset through the Bluetooth transmission mode. No matter what interface is supported LDAC HD Bluetooth for a cinematic listening experience的聽音體驗。
*Support LDAC/aptX HD/aptX LL/SBC Bluetooth format optical/coaxial/USB input supports LDAC Bluetooth transmission射

6. The advantages of turning on the digital decoding mode DAC cable are unforgettable很難忘
High quality audio output without Bluetooth能耳目一新!
*Coaxial input decoding can support 384K/24bit DOP128 hard decoding Optical input decoding can support 96k/24bitUSB decoding can support 384kHz/32bit, Dop256 hard decoding RCA line output can be obtained under all conditions *Coaxial input is not supported for coaxial output *Bypass function is only valid for optical input in transmit mode and DAC mode光纖輸入的情況有效

7. Turn into a digital turntable ~ and a mobile phone for an impending reconciliation
The decoder or the decoding amp can also be played through the mobile phone. Just output the SPDIF of the BTA30 Pro to the digital input of the decoder to realize the decoding and amplification of the mobile phone streaming media.放大。

8. Dual-connection of the device can be easily cloned身
There are too many bluetooth devices and I don’t want to switch back and forth. No problem. Support two bluetooth devices to connect to BTA30 Pro at the same time in bluetooth receiving/bluetooth transmitting mode. After one connection, the connection status is automatically remembered. In the bluetooth transmitting mode, two buttons are added to pair two earphones respectively. The pairing connection process is performed independently without interfering with each other獨立進行,互不干擾。
*LDAC and aptx LL encoding formats in TX mode do not support one for two二

9. HD Bluetooth ~ make happiness faster”了!
Not only supports Bluetooth 5.0, but also has SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC high specification Bluetooth encoding and supports bidirectional LDAC HD Bluetooth priority support aptX LL low-latency Bluetooth encoding for a more enjoyable gaming experience, in addition to wider coverage and faster The transfer rate and a more refreshing music experience are waiting for you to unlock樂體驗待你解鎖!
LDAC ~ 96kHz/24bit high sampling rate
aptX HD ~ 48kHz/24bit high sampling rate
aptX LL ~ 48kHz/16bit high sampling rate
aptX ~ 48kHz/16bit high sampling rate

10. One-click to control the whole domain ~ make the choice easier
• The new one-key switch input source function can easily identify the current input source through the light on the body, which is very eye-catching醒目;
• Added sound quality priority/delay priority switching function to quickly adapt to scenes such as listening to songs, chasing dramas, playing games, etc.;場景;
• Newly added Bluetooth coding quick switching function. It is more convenient to switch between five types of Bluetooth coding when Bluetooth is transmitting.便捷。
*Press INPUT to switch the input source function *Press the LL/HD key to switch the Bluetooth encoding format *Press the LL/HD key twice to start aptX LL priority is only valid in TX mode僅在TX模式下有效

11. Simultaneous input and output work ~ Added Bypass function
Connection method More powerful Bypass function can connect various devices at the same time Support optical input to optical output + Bluetooth transmission output in Bluetooth transmission mode Support optical input to optical output in DAC mode Various gameplays come easily玩法順手就來。

12. Nice voice ~ sounds good everywhere
When you have the multi-functional BTA30 Pro, you can easily create an all-round home Bluetooth system. On the Bluetooth connection, the BTA30 Pro uses an external gain antenna. The connection speed is faster and the signal transmission is more stable. It can reach the long distance of the living room/room Transmission Stable connection within 30 meters under normal use0米內穩定連接。

13. It's both talented and beautiful ~ always ready for you
In order to make you satisfied with the texture and feeling更得心應手。

14. Play Moment ~ Light Up Faith
In the face of different Bluetooth encoding formats, RGB lights are used to indicate the currently connected Bluetooth format for you to quickly distinguish區分。
blue SBCC
purple aptXX
Green aptX LLL
Yellow aptX HDD
white LDACC

15. Innovative volume control ~ fast, accurate and stable adjustment
Adjustment method for adding professional audio products for the first time to desktop Bluetooth devices式。
Unbiased ~ Precise control through ADC curve reconstruction
Fast adjustment ~ can be adjusted under analog output/digital output
APP Control ~ FiiO Music APP Remote Control
Fixed output ~ Amplitude can be set in FiiO Music APP

16. Intelligent interaction, fast and convenient
When the mobile phone is connected to BTA30 Pro and use FiiO Music or FiiO CONTROL APP, the BTA30 Pro can be remotely controlled to facilitate your music life Channel balance function Four audio filters switch Bluetooth format priority selection LED indicator switch device volume adjustment settings Fixed output amplitude;設定固定輸出幅度
Channel balance function
Four audio filter switches
Bluetooth format priority selection
LED indicator switch
Device volume adjustment
Set fixed output amplitude

17. Dual Hi-Res Certification
In addition to supporting the Japan Audio Association Hi-Res Audio certification, it also supports Hi-Res Wireless Audio wireless high-resolution certification. The strength is guaranteed保障。

18. The interface is readily available, RCA analog output interface
Optical/coaxial output interface
Optical/coaxial input interface
Type-C interface

19. Accessories list
ManualAfter-sale maintenance card Type C line RCA line machine foot pad、機腳墊

General Specification

Bluetooth chip: CSR8675
Bluetooth version: 5.0
DSP chip: CT7302
DAC chip: ES9038Q2M
Bluetooth receiving format: SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC
Bluetooth transmission format: SBC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC
Fiber decoding sampling rate: 96k/24bit
Coaxial decoding sampling rate: 384k/24bitDSD128dop)p)
USB AUDIO sampling rate: 384K/32bitDSD256dopop)
Transmission distance: about 30 meters (barrier-free under sbc code)
Status indicator: SBC blue light AAC blue light aptX HD yellow light aptX purple light aptX LL green light LDAC white light綠燈;LDAC:白燈
Hands-free calling microphone: not supported持
Analog output interface: RCAMax 3Vrmss)
Digital output interface: optical fiber + coaxial
Digital Input Interface: Optical + Coaxial
RCA output THD+N: 0.0008%USB INN)
RCA output SNR: 118dB
Digital output sampling rate:Coaxial can support up to 384k/24bitDSD128dop)) Optical fiber supports 192K/24bit
USB interface: TypeC
Antenna interface: BNC2.5
APP control: support
Size: 120x55x25.8mm
Weight: 145g
Packing: Manual, after-sales maintenance card, Type C cable, RCA cable, machine foot pad、機腳墊
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