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FENDER NINE 1 In-Ear Headphones

FENDER NINE 1 In-Ear Headphones

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Fender's most entry-level hybrid headphone

Nine 1 is a professional earphone suitable for thin auricles and women. The specially designed small shell allows users with thin ears to easily and stably wear the earphones. The 9.25mm moving coil unit is equipped with a high frequency moving iron. The unit can not only play the calm tone of the moving coil unit, but also perfectly combine the crisp tone of the moving iron unit to trigger a moving music rhyme發動人樂韻。

HDBAHybrid Dynamic Balance Armaturee)

Redesigning the entire structure with rare earth magnets creates a patented HDBA moving iron unit. The sound wave transmission is more direct and analytical than similar units.更為出色。

TALON headphone cable design

The patented 2pin interface is redesigned for the plug and socket. The color of the tenon and the groove are used to solve the problems of wrong positive and negative connection, unclear left and right channels, connection stability and interface life. The pure copper conductor that has undergone triple silver plating is used, whichever is better. Conductive performance and each set of cables are also wrapped with two military grade Kevlar fibers to greatly strengthen the toughness of the headphone cable,大幅強化耳機線韌度。

3D printed shell made by hand in the United States造

The new Audio Design Lab earphones provide the best wearing experience and visual enjoyment All earphones are hand-made in the United States and based on years of research data on earphones and precision-made shells with 3D Printing technology The earphones have excellent noise isolation while providing a comfortable and stable wearing experience的佩戴體驗。

Fender Electric Guitar Primary Color Blessing

The panel is replaced with the Fender Signature F logo design color, and a variety of classic electric guitar colors are used. All color palettes are prepared by the factory in Corona, California, where the electric guitar is produced and colored in the Nashville factory, so that each pair of headphones has the most faithful Fender Colorsder 色彩。

New packaging complete with accessories全

The entire Audio Design Lab range is available in addition to Fender's patented SureSealTM The ear gel is also attached with 3 sizes of ear pads to meet the needs of different users需要。


9.25mm moving coil unit + tweeter moving iron unit x1

Frequency response

10Hz 21kHzz




16 Ohms

Swap plug



Black Metallic, Gun Metal Blue

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