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Fender ae2i lightning portable decoder ear amplifier

Fender ae2i lightning portable decoder ear amplifier

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When you listen to music on your mobile phone every day, you may immediately think of using Bluetooth headphones, which is really easy and convenient. But over time, everyone may have forgotten the double enjoyment brought by uncompressed or even high-definition sound quality. In fact, all you need is a pair of wired headphones and a Fender AE2i iPhone It instantly becomes a DAP player and supports MFI certification. It fully supports the use of different apps.同 apps 使用。

Among Fender's personal audio products, the AE1i Audio Enchancer can be said to be one of the most well-known and best-selling products. Three years after its launch, the development team officially launched the upgraded model AE2i Audio Enchancer. It not only looks good, but also designs amplification circuits from the inside out. Combined with the Cirrus Logic decoder chip ADI amplification chip and AppleTM patented A2M chip, the phone can be connected to the Lightning socket through dedicated programs and playback software to instantly transform into a DAP to play high-standard music on the go.P 隨身播放高規格音樂。

  • The new design circuit uses independent CS decoding chip ADI amplification chip芯片
  • New angular aluminum alloy shell design provides good heat dissipation and improves appearance高外觀
  • Audio Enhancer app adds video EQ option to improve dialogue clarity度
  • MFi certification ensures compatibility with Apple devices

Product Features
Lighter and more protective
The main body and Lightning socket of AE2i Audio Enhancer follow the series-style aluminum alloy shell. In addition to excellent protection and good heat dissipation, they use a more stylish angular design. The weight is even lighter than the previous generation, while retaining good protection and improving The appearance and feel of the cable body are the same as those of Fender professional guitar cables. They are wrapped in Black Tweed fabric mesh and have a better feel. The interface is resistant to bending and breakage.手感,接口位耐屈又防斷。

High quality decoding ear amplifier
As a high-quality decoding ear amplifier specially designed for iOS systems, the core part of AE2i uses AppleTM patented A2M DSP chip and Cirrus Logic high-end decoding amplification chip to form a hardware processing combination. Compared with the original conversion line, it only uses an all-in-one. The low-cost design of the chip processing audio and amplification at the same time is of course obvious and easy to see, allowing you to hear more.,令你聽得更多。

Restore high-quality design
To simply understand, AE2i can be roughly divided into two parts. It is used to connect to the iPhone's Lightning plug. It has a built-in independent audio transmission chip and is transmitted to the body through the intermediate cable. The digital audio is first processed by AppleTM's patented A2M DSP chip and then processed by Cirrus Logic. The CS42L83 chip designed for iPhone is used for decoding and amplification and is truly designed to restore high sound quality.高音質而設計。

Output increased by 61%
The biggest change to the AE2i this time should be that the development team of the amplification circuit used more data and years of development experience to greatly improve the energy required for amplification and add a new ADI power amplification chip. At the same time, because of the A2M processing chip and CS The understanding of decoding allows the input method power to be greatly increased from the previous generation's 120mW to 195mW at 32ohms, with an increase of 61%. Even headphones with more units and even mid-range headphones can handle it.頭戴式耳機都應付得到。

Fender Audio Enhancer App
Friends who have used the previous generation AE1i know that Fender has developed a dedicated App Audio Enchancer specifically for this purpose. With the launch of AE2i, the dedicated interface will be updated simultaneously. In addition to having 2 sets of enhancement modes, it is processed by the efficient hardware computing of the A2M chip. A way to change the sound with lower distortion includes preset EQs with different sound orientations and a 7-band adjustable EQ in the range of 250Hz-16kHz. In addition, a new preset EQ specially added for watching movies專為睇戲的新預設 EQ。

Unique movie viewing EQ
The newly designed amplification circuit increases the output power to 195mW, which is enough to bring more powerful performance to your movies. Together with the audio and video EQ specially designed for AE2i, it can bring you enough vocal dialogue without weakening the background sound performance. Thanks to A2M The processing speed of the chip is as fast as watching movies and watching Netflix. It maintains near-zero delay in sound and picture synchronization, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the movie world and temporarily escape from reality. Individual preset EQ is only available for AE2iEQ 只限在 AE2i 使用)

Set up automatic save
Whether it is a preset or custom EQ, it will be automatically stored in AE2i after being set in Audio Enchancer. You can enjoy the best sound effects even with different iPhones. There is a software update function that can be used when iOS upgrades or added functions in the future.增加功能時使用。

24bit Hi-Res quality
Music streaming services have moved towards high-quality services. Some services, such as TidalKKBOXQobuzApple Music, etc., already provide 24bit Hi-Res quality, or YouTube MusicSpotify or even in-camera music. Regardless of DSDFLACMQA, everything is supported, relying on the powerful decoding capabilities and powerful power of the CS42L83 chip in AE2i The amplification circuit can be retracted and retracted freely both in motion and in silence.放大線路,亦動亦靜,收放自如。

MFi certification
AE2i has been MFi certified and supports most in-machine programs. Just connect a wired headset with a microphone to make voice calls, daily communication or video online conferencing for work and entertainment. It is also taken into consideration.樣照顧周到。

General Specification

DSP chip AppleTM A2MM
Decoding chip Cirrus Logic CS42L833
Amplification chip Analog Devices Inc. chip片
Support 24bit/192kHz (MFI limited to 24bit/48kHz))
Output power 195mW @32 Ohmss
Power level 1.25vrmss
Frequency response 20Hz 20kHzHz
Signal-to-noise ratio 104dBB
Total harmonic distortion 0.065%%
Weight 7gg
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