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Erua Audio Special II Shielded OTG Cable

Erua Audio Special II Shielded OTG Cable

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Upgrade Return_Special II OTG cable

The small tail is the first choice for portability, and the sound is naturally uncompromising. The inevitable problem in the new small tail is"floor noise". Because of its unique golden ratio structure and three-layer shielding, Ultra one greatly reduces noise. It has been well received, and now the upgraded Special II will bring you a brand new experience!

Special II uses high-purity copper + silver as the material for the main core, and is equipped with the same level Litz type 4S structure as Ultra shielding to maximize the data transmission efficiency. Considering the usage scenario of the small tail, portability and efficient shielding must be taken into account at the same time. After a long period of research and development and proofing, it was finally finalized to increase the shielding braiding density by 30%, and the 4 cores were independently shielded, which can not only ensure the improvement of the shielding effect, but also Greatly improve the softness and portability of the wire!

Detailed specifications:

* High purity copper + silver
*Litz type4S structure
* Core independent double shielding
*Customized mixed tin material
*MFI certified chip
*Special II defines cables for OTG, please confirm that the equipment is compatible before purchasing
*Special II provides Typec to Typec/lightning to Typec two specifications
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