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Eletech Baroque ear gel

Eletech Baroque ear gel

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The "Baroque" series represents Eletech's ambition to enter the in-ear headphone market for the first time. The design team was inspired by the splendor and contrasting artistic styles of the Baroque period. After many attempts and improvements, it developed the first geometric structure Based on ear gel products, Eletech's unremitting pursuit of perfect music experience and unimaginable creativity are demonstrated.

Excellent sound quality and comfortable wearing

Baroque uses the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and sound quality. Through sophisticated and sophisticated internal design, Baroque eargels are able to unleash the full performance potential of headphones, delivering unprecedented subtle tonal changes, clarity and richness.

An unprecedented perfect fit

The "Baroque" series regards excellent comfort as the most important design element. Through precise testing and optimization, Eletech conducted research on 5,463 ear mold samples and tested and compared data on 689 earphones on the market during the research and development process, and conducted an in-depth evaluation of its ergonomic design to achieve incomparable results. Unparalleled fit. Every curve and contour is perfectly integrated with the detailed shape of your ear, allowing you to enjoy your music for extended periods of time without discomfort.

internal structure

Wider external duct design

"Baroque" adopts a widened external duct design, which allows more headphone sound signals to pass through. It not only restores the original sound details of the headphones, but also demonstrates better high-frequency extension and expands the horizontal width of the sound field. The degree and depth make the sound appear vast and bright, adding a sense of reality to the overall sound.

Japanese medical grade silicone

The silicone material made with a special and exclusive formula provides a soft and comfortable wearing feel without worrying about possible allergies or skin sensitivity. The tips of these earbuds are finely machined and feel silky smooth, giving users a truly luxurious and hypoallergenic wearing experience.

Hard body silicone catheter design

The internal tube of "Baroque" is made of the highest quality hard silicone, which is extremely resilient and non-deformable, ensuring that the ear gel can maintain its original shape and fit snugly into the ear canal after long-term use, making it a perfect fit for all earphones. Provides a reliable and impeccable fit.

Eletech Patented Vocal Design Technology - TRIA™

Baroque uses "TRIA" vocal design technology specially developed for ear gel. This breakthrough technology is inspired by the sound insulation board technology in audio engineering. Utilizing the scientific principle of acoustic diffusion, "TRIA" can effectively disperse sound waves evenly, so that sound is evenly distributed in space, preventing sound waves from focusing on certain specific areas, and reducing acoustic reflection and resonance problems. Therefore, in a good acoustic diffusion environment, both instruments and vocals show natural depth and separation, creating a natural and balanced sound field.

Eletech patented ergonomic design - Flexion™

Inspired by the art of origami, "Flexion" is cleverly integrated into the Baroque series to provide Baroque with a higher level of ergonomics and flexibility. The end of the ear gel is designed with a geometric triangular structure to ensure that the earphones fit more closely to the human skin according to the shape of the ear canal. While not easily falling off, it reduces resonance and distortion by cleverly managing and dispersing excess sonic vibrations, resulting in clearer and more precise sound details.

It feels like a customized fit

The ear canal shape memory silicone material of "Flexion" allows the ear gel to bend and adapt to the shape of the ear canal and absorb resonance, allowing it to quickly return to its original state after being deformed. Even if it comes into contact with human skin, it will not cause any discomfort, thus providing a natural and comfortable wearing experience to achieve optimal noise isolation while avoiding the problem of loss of low-frequency volume due to collapse and deformation of the umbrella cap.

Eletech’s patented nanomaterial technology – SATINÉ™

"SATINÉ" is Eletech's proprietary innovative material technology. It uses a nano-wavy structure to more evenly distribute ear pressure on the surface of the ear cap, thereby reducing friction with the skin and the surface of the ear gel, helping to conduct sound more directly. into the ear canal. The nano-smooth coating can improve the overall touch and comfort, providing a better wearing experience.

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