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EarrBOND EBT Metal ear gel

EarrBOND EBT Metal ear gel

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In addition to affecting the wearing comfort, earplugs also have a great impact on the sound of the headphones. The local headphone accessories brand EarrBOND started from the comfort and the acoustic properties of metal, and added metal conduits to the EBT series to control the flow of audio and integrate the music into the music. The details and energy are brought out, giving you a different listening experience than before.

feature of product
revolutionary design
EBT Metal produced by EarrBOND can be said to combine the fidelity of ear gel, the low-frequency potential and good sound insulation performance of ear cotton, and the brightness and solidity of metal conduits at high frequencies. EBT Metal, which combines all the advantages, not only brings a high wearing comfort to users, but also complements the performance of headphones in the weak sound section. EarrBOND also uses a concave and convex pattern design on the conduit, which helps control excessive sound frequencies and improves the roundness and sense of space of the sound. It also comes in two different sizes, Asian Fit and Small, and has a longer nozzle than ordinary ear gels, which can penetrate deep into the user's ear canal.

Double taste appears at the same time

Purified 304 medical-grade stainless steel is used as the conduit. Purified processing can make the stainless steel have a more uniform and stable structure. In addition, it already has high rigidity, so it looks better in terms of audio lines and three-dimensionality. At the same time, a spiral pattern design is also used inside to make the sound performance more durable.

Using gold-plated oxygen-free copper as the conduit, it combines the metallic properties of the two to improve the three-frequency volume, especially at low frequencies. When the sound message passes through the internal spiral pattern, excessive sound frequency reflection is controlled, making the sound softer. At the same time, because general copper products will dissolve slightly after contact with sweat, the skin of the ear canal will become sensitive when it comes into contact. Therefore, the use of gold plating on brand-made catheters can isolate the two and reduce the chance of ear canal sensitivity in users.

2 pairs

Dimensions ( peripheral diameter x catheter diameter x eargel height)
Asian Fit: 11 x 4 x 12 mm
Small: 10.5 x 4 x 8.8 mm
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