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The previous generation's praise has been heard in the streets, the excellent dynamics and the sense of music are already very happy高峰😆In particular, the three-dimensional low-frequency potential is clearly enhanced.加強,
Compared with the previous generation wire, Pan PRO has upgraded from single crystal copper to secondary refined single crystal copper and added an independent aluminum foil shielding layer to maintain the high density and fullness of the sound characteristics of the previous generation, while greatly improving the sound purity and high frequency performance. It is more comprehensive and versatile加全面全能。
The Pan PRO wire diameter is up to 22AWG. Compared with ordinary headphone wires, it has a larger conductor diameter and cross-sectional area, effectively reducing impedance and transmission loss, and greatly improving transmission efficiency and ensuring sound quality.,保障音質。
Pan PRO uses the well-received DUNU patented self-locking quick-change plugs. The package comes with 3.5mm single-ended 2.5mm balanced 4.4mm balanced three plugs that fully support mainstream portable standards, allowing players to adapt to more players更多播放器。

Wire: Secondary refining high-purity Furukawa single crystal copper independent aluminum foil shielding layer層

Litz structure: wire diameter 22AWG

The package contains 2.5mm balanced 3.5mm single-ended 4.4 balanced three plugs枚插頭)

Provide MMCX and 0.78 2pin pins for optional and provide customized services. Currently, customized pins are available for Audio-Technica A2DCPentaconn Ear customized delivery time is generally 10 to 15 working days個工作日

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