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DITA Project M hoop iron hybrid headphones

DITA Project M hoop iron hybrid headphones

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【 The third part of DITA's Project series, Project M 】
Project M is DITA's first hybrid structure headset with a metal cavity inside the cast resin shell. It has a good ear feel and is more comfortable to wear and more ergonomic. The IEM-type resin shell and the stainless steel cavity that firmly protects the acoustic space achieve perfect sound quality and comfortable wearing. Experience In addition, as a new challenge that breaks tradition, the driver unit adopts a hybrid configuration that combines dynamic coil and moving iron. Based on the original concept of DITA, these two innovative methods gave birth to Project M, a coil-iron hybrid IEM headphone that combines tradition and challenge.的圈鐵混合 IEM 耳機。

Acoustic finite element analysis is closely combined with a series of objective tests and subjective listening experience to produce a sound tube configuration optimized for Project M dynamic drivers, continuing the spirit of DITA to provide a coherent all-round experience based mainly on 2-channel systems方位體驗。

feature of product
Equipped with the newly developed 9.8MM moving coil drive unit PM ONE+ and Knowles 33518 moving iron unit單元
DITA has always used a single dynamic configuration because DITA believes that placing two driver units in a small space may cause them to interfere with each other and adversely affect the sound quality. Project M has newly developed a custom dynamic unit PM ONE+ even in a hybrid configuration The design concept of this new dynamic unit is different from the previous one. It can not only cover the entire sound range alone, but can also be mixed with the Knowles 33518 moving iron unit to further improve the sound quality.進一步提高音質。

Hybrid construction that combines sound quality and comfort
Project M uses a highly wear-resistant IEM-type resin shell and a chamber made of SUS304 stainless steel to firmly protect the acoustic space. Sound is projected through a custom-made molded transmission tube through an aluminum nozzle, achieving perfect sound quality and comfortable wearing.適佩戴。

Transparent and highly rigid case made of ultra-clear resin
Generally, headphones made of acrylic resin only have a hollow structure inside the shell. However, in order to pursue the rigidity and beauty of the shell, DITA Audio used advanced construction methods to completely fill the outside of the sound chamber with resin, although it was difficult to pour the resin into the mold. Air bubbles are avoided, but we achieve high transparency through careful selection of resins and development of production techniques. The housing is also coated with a UV protective coating for added durability.護塗層,以增加耐用性。

The internal wiring headphone cable uses CARDAS cable MOCCACA」
Since DITA's flagship model Perpetua was the first to use HiFi-specific wires for internal wiring of headphones, it has received praise from many users. In Project M, we accepted the challenge of further enhancing the sound by using HiFi-grade wires. Project M's internal wiring and included MOCCA all uses wires provided by American HiFi brand Cardas Audio. Each MOCCA headphone cable is composed of 16 strands of Cardas high-quality oxygen-free copper-based headphone wires. It is twisted according to DITA specifications and wrapped with a flexible PVC outer layer.採用柔性 PVC 外層包裹。

Equipped with AWESOME PLUG2
The plug part adopts replaceable Awesome Plug2. There are two types of plugs to choose from, 3.5 mm single-ended and 4.4 mm balanced plug. The plug is newly designed to match the appearance of MOCCA.的外觀相匹配。

The SYSTAINER headphone box produced by the German TANOS company can be stacked and stored存放
Designed by the famous German tool manufacturer Tanos, Systainer is the world's first headphone storage system that is not only lightweight and sturdy, but also stackable. This headset also comes with a mini headphone case.個迷你耳機盒。

Using customized luminous FINAL TYPE E ear gel
The catheter part and the part that contacts the ear are made of two different hardness silicone materials. The catheter part is made of silicone harder than the part that contacts the ear. The groove provides strength and flexibility. The part that contacts the ear is made of soft silicone. It provides a comfortable fit and high sound insulation effect. In addition, the main body of the ear gel is transparent and adopts a luminous type that glows in the dark.中發光的夜光型。

“PM ONE+ 9.8mm moving coil unit x11
Knowles high frequency moving iron unit x1

Frequency Range


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