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DITA Navigator portable decoding ear amplifier

DITA Navigator portable decoding ear amplifier

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【 Navigating to the Music Dimension – DITA Navigator 】
DITA Audio, which has always pursued perfection in audio products, decided to make a new breakthrough in its product line after launching a number of market-recognized headphones and cables. Using a high-quality decoding chip with dual FPGA independent crystal oscillator clocks, and combining it with its own excellent metalworking technology, we create a USB DAC – Navigator that can navigate music signals to another realm, allowing users to pursue portability while pursuing portability. , you can also enjoy the top-notch sound guided by DITA.

feature of product
Navigating Top Sounds
In order to navigate top-notch sound, DITA Audio chose ESS's dual ES9219 DACs as the Navigator's internal core to navigate music signals into analog signals. At the same time, dual FPGA independent crystal oscillator clocks are used internally to reduce the jitter of the streaming music signal to ensure its accuracy. With the support of dual FPGA independent crystal oscillator clocks, the sound field range can be effectively changed. It is wider and the separation between details is improved.

Navigator also supports native decoding up to 768kHz/32bit PCM and DSD256, and also supports 3.5mm and 4.4mm output. Under the 4.4mm balanced output, it can exert an output power of up to 340 mW @ 32 Ohms, allowing users who pursue portability to enjoy top-notch sound with the Navigator.

Aerospace metal casting
To make the sound more stable, the requirements for the shell material must be more particular. Therefore, DITA Audio, which has top metalworking technology, chose 6000 series aluminum alloy commonly used in aviation, ships, and automobiles in the material selection of Navigator, and used CNC to perform five-axis processing and molding of each component of Navigator, making every part The parts have become more precise, thereby reducing the resonance of the internal components when working, and establishing a good foundation for guiding high-quality music.

Comes with a mobile phone holder function to accompany multimedia entertainment
The back of Navigator can be opened, and users can place their mobile phones on the body. Whether enjoying music or watching movies, Navigator can provide users with an excellent sound quality experience.

Support TYPE-C connection
At the same time, Navigator also provides users with Type-C and Lightning cables. The highly flexible cable not only prevents the auscultation effect when the cable body rubs against clothes, but its length also allows users to use a mobile phone holder. Functions are not restricted when connected.

Body material
6000 series aluminum alloy

Decoding chip
ESS ES9219x2

Supported formats
MQA 16x Native|PCM 768kHz/32Ω|DSD256 Native

USB Type-C

3.5mm:Up to 110mW @32Ω
4.4mm:Up to 340mW @32Ω
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