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ddHiFi TC44A Lightning to 4.4mm Adapter Plug

ddHiFi TC44A Lightning to 4.4mm Adapter Plug

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Adopt independent decoding chip
The audio decoding chip uses CS43131 to support native DSD256 format, supports up to 2bit/384kHz PCM decoding, and can fully decode and play music in lossless format when using Apple Music on iphone的音樂。

Equipped with "T" type Lightning OTG plug
The "T" type second-generation Lightning OTG plug redeveloped by ddHiFi has been optimized in the circuit layout to improve the stability of the power supply so that the output of the decoding chip is more stable. The plug is made of powder metallurgy and welded with special stainless steel reinforcements銹鋼加強件。

4.4 Interface single-ended output
Users who use the 4.4 balanced interface headphone cable need a mobile phone to listen to songs and do not want to connect too many devices. A simple adapter is a more ideal way at present. Conventional 4.4 peripherals are larger in size. TC44A adopts a new process structure to make 4.4 socket also looks so small去如此小巧。

Overall CNC aluminum alloy new color matching色
Aluminum alloy is lighter in weight and has great advantages when used on mobile phone plugs. The black and blue color used this time also caters to the popularity of iPhone. The special treatment process of the color shell also enhances the metal texture.屬質感。 


Decoding chip CS43131 
Output power 60mW dual channel @32 ohm 
PCM decoding capability 32bit/384kHz DSD supports up to Native 2566 
Frequency frequency response 20Hz~20kHz 
Distortion <-110dB 
Dynamic range>120dB 
Signal-to-noise ratio>120dB 
Size 19.5 length 21 width 12 thickness mm does not include plug含插頭) 
Weight 5.5gg
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