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ddHIFI TC35C (32bit decoding adapter lighting to 3.5mm)

ddHIFI TC35C (32bit decoding adapter lighting to 3.5mm)

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DDhifi TC35C (32bit decoding adapter lighting to 3.5mm) This is not only an adapter, but also high fidelity

1. Adopt independent decoding chip The audio decoding chip uses Realtek ALC5686, which supports up to 32bit/384kHz PCM decoding, and can fully decode and play music in lossless format when using Apple Music on iPhone.

2. Equipped with"T"type Lightning OTG plug ddHiFi re-developed"T"type second-generation Lightning OTG plug, the circuit layout has been optimized to improve the stability of power supply, so that the output of the decoding chip is also more stable, the plug use Manufactured by powder metallurgy and welded with special stainless steel reinforcements.

3. The ultimate space layout The design of the side exit has many advantages. It can reduce the length of the mobile phone in the pocket or in the backpack, and it will not interfere too much with the palm of the hand when playing games.

4. The overall CNC aluminum alloy, the new color aluminum alloy is lighter in weight and has great advantages when used on mobile phone plugs. The black and blue color used this time also caters to the popular color of the iPhone, and the special treatment process of the casing is also more Enhanced metallic texture. Specifications:Plug:OTG Lightning plug Decoding chip:ALC5686 Output power:30mW dual channel @32 ohm PCM decoding capability:32bit/384kHz Output load:16~200 ohm, self-adjusting frequency Frequency response:20Hz~20kHz Distortion:<-92dB Dynamic Range:>110dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio:>120dB Weight:3.5g Dimensions:16.6L×16.2W×9.6Dmm (plugs not included)

*Using reminder:1. After TC35C is plugged into iPhone, it will be automatically recognized as headphone output, and the phone microphone will be muted at this time. It is recommended to connect the plug to the earphone before inserting the iPhone. 2. The headset supports the in-line control function, but does not support the voice assistant and microphone calls. When connecting to the phone, please unplug the phone and use the iPhone to answer.

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