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ddHifi TC05 Dual TypeC decoding cable

ddHifi TC05 Dual TypeC decoding cable

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In the era of digital decoding, the conversion of mobile computers into TypeC interface decoders and amps is also following up. Conversion to digital music decoding equipment can also improve music performance. TC05 is an audio decoder cable specially designed for audiophiles. Durable and durable wire The upgraded version of the TC05 conductor is composed of four sets of independently shielded cores. The inner layer uses Teflon insulation and the outer layer uses high temperature resistant TPU insulation. Symmetrical design supports positive and negative insertion. Recommended with TypeC interface Use products such as AKFiiO and other brands to connect to a mobile phone or computer. When using it in a direction, you need to follow the arrows of the wire. The reason for the connection directionality is that some mobile phone players need to output digital audio. When it is necessary to detect whether it is a USB output device, if the demand current is large, it will not work, so the internal circuits of the input and output plugs are not the same. *It may not be necessary to distinguish the direction of the plug when connecting the computer power adapter.同。 *電腦、電源適配器連接時,可能不需要區分插頭的方向。 

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