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DD Hifi HI-END NYX Series MFI09S & TC09S

DD Hifi HI-END NYX Series MFI09S & TC09S

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[DD Hifi combines Japanese + American materials ~ HI-END quality digital signal adapter cable finally appeared]

The improvement of sound quality is obvious. HI-END NYX Series (Ritz Class II High Purity Soft Sterling Silver + High Purity Oxygen Free Copper + Long Crystalline Copper Silver Plating):


1. Metal shell, double-shielded cable, gold-plated OTG plug

2. Wire structure:flat 8-figure structure, data part + power part

3. Insulation of inner layer:Japan NUC high precision foamed PE (made in Japan)

4. Outer insulation:High transparency SoftFlex PVC (made in USA)


The improvement of sound quality is obvious. Mobile phones and computers are used as front-end playback. They are output to the decoder and amp through USB power supply. If the voltage is low and the current is small, is the role of the wire less important? For this question, you can refer to the answer given by the Nyx headphone cable. Now that the Nyx data cable series is launched, the same answer will be given:the improvement effect is obvious.

Double-mask data line structure The mask structure of the Nyx signal line is not suitable for the data line. The data line includes the common transmission of current and digital signals. The stability of current transmission depends on the number and purity of conductors, and the transmission stability of digital signals is also The purity of the conductor is required, and a reasonable stranded structure is also required. In addition, the more important thing is the design of the mask layer. Nyx data line series products have developed a parallel structure with double shields, which shields the current and data transmission separately. There are also distinctions in appearance. The overall silver mask outer layer is the power transmission part, and the silver and black mask outer layer is the data transmission part. =====================

MFi09S/ TC09S

Specifications and parameters part Conductor specification:26.7AWG (transparent sheath) + 26.7AWG (green sheath) Conductor material:Liz Class II high-purity soft sterling silver (main core), Φ0.14mm×7 pieces×2 strands of mask material:Ritz high-purity oxygen-free copper (black), Ritz long crystalline copper silver-plated (silver) Power supply conductor specifications:25.6 AWG (red jacket) × 2 +25.6 AWG (black jacket) × 2 + 32AWG (black) × 2 Conductor material:Ritz high-purity oxygen-free copper (main core), Φ0.06mm×7×7 (single strand blue or red) Mask material:Ritz long crystalline copper silver-plated (silver) Weight/Length:13g/10cm Plug:Lightning OTG, USB-C OTG Plug Plug:USB-C OTG Plug

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