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Cleer arc 2 open true wireless bluetooth headphones

Cleer arc 2 open true wireless bluetooth headphones

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【More comfortable, smarter and more fun - Cleer ARC IIII】
Cleer, an audio and headphone brand from California, USA, focuses on designing beautiful and practical products. In the ten years since its establishment, it has won many international awards such as reddot German Red Dot Design Award, CES American Consumer Electronics Show Product Award, and has become one of its flagship products. The first ARC open-back headphone series will also launch a new ARC II series, which is divided into two versions for music and sports. Based on the excellent foundation, it will be improved and add new features to make the headphones more comfortable, smarter and more fun.機更舒適、更智能、更具玩味。

Cleer ARC has been launched in different places around the world and has received unanimous praise. In particular, the open non-in-ear design provides users who are resistant to in-ear headphones and those who like sports and long-term driving with an additional choice. The development team has gathered user opinions to improve the product. The new ARC II has particularly enhanced wearing comfort and stability. It has upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 protocol and works with Qualcomm S3 flagship smart audio chip. It supports aptX Lossless and aptX Adaptive coding technology. The 8th generation cVc smart call noise reduction technology improves the quality of listening to music and calls. In addition, there are new The additional six-axis sensor is IPX5 waterproof and has 8 hours of long-lasting battery life, providing you with a longer listening experience.續航,為你提供更長時間的聆聽體驗。

  • Provide music version and sports version for users to choose擇
  • Upgraded rotatable ear hook design fits your ears more stably and comfortably.舒適
  • The open body allows you to listen to surrounding sounds at the same time, making it safer to use.安全
  • The latest Qualcomm S3 chip and aptX Voice ultra-wide sampling make calls extremely clear清晰
  • Built-in 16.2mm extra large unit and new generation high-definition amplification circuit make the music clearer and the low-frequency powerful強勁
  • Cleer DBE dynamic low-frequency enhancement algorithm analyzes audio signals in real time to adjust low-frequency gain增益
  • A six-axis sensor is added to provide intelligent control functions for sedentary reminders and anti-head-drop prevention.部智能控制」功能
  • 8 hours long battery life charging box provides an additional 27 hours of power量

feature of product
Does not enter the ear and has zero pressure wearing feel
Many people are accustomed to wearing Bluetooth headsets for long periods of time, so a stable and comfortable wearing experience is particularly important. ARC is a Bluetooth headset with an open body that does not feel oppressive like in-ear headphones and does not have the clamping feel of bone conduction headphones. It also allows users to hear the sounds around them at all times, especially for outdoor sports drivers, which is safer and can communicate with people around them naturally.然地與身邊人溝通。

Upgraded materials, new ear hooks
ARC II inherits the rotatable earhook design of ARC and redesigns it to improve the wearing feeling. The angle and weight distribution of the earhook are re-adjusted and smoother streamlines are drawn to make the earhook fit more firmly on the back of the ear and prevent it from falling off the other ear. The hook is equipped with a flexible titanium alloy memory steel wire, which has a certain degree of elasticity, making it easier for users to adapt to different ear shapes. Even if the ear canals are large and small, they can still enjoy the same sound. The outer layer is wrapped in food-grade antibacterial silicone for comfort and skin-friendliness.抗菌矽膠包裹,舒適親膚。

State-of-the-art clear call technology
ARC II is built with the latest Qualcomm S3 audio chip and is the first open-back headset to receive Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound certification. It provides power-saving and clear call functions. The new aptX Voice ultra-wide call technology provides an ultra-wide sampling rate of up to 32kHz for clearer calls. The call effect is combined with beamforming technology, dual-mic microphone anti-wind noise technology and the 8th generation cVc intelligent noise reduction technology, which can clearly collect the user's voice and eliminate the surrounding environmental noise and wind noise. It also has a call volume adjustment algorithm to automatically adjust the call volume during the call. The other party can hear it more clearly通話時對方就可以聽得更清楚。

Ultimate sound quality brought by technology
ARC II supports the latest LE Audio aptX Lossless and aptX Adaptive functions, which can transmit 24bit/96kHz high-definition music, and can synchronize audio and video when playing videos. It uses a large-diameter 16.2mm graphene diaphragm dynamic unit powered by a new generation of high-definition The amplified line driver makes the overall music performance clearer and more surging, which helps the bass performance. In addition, the Cleer DBE dynamic low-frequency enhancement algorithm analyzes the audio signal in real time and makes gain adjustments for low frequencies. You can still feel the strong low-frequency and dynamic 3D surround space sound effects at low volumes. With a six-axis sensor, it can provide a full range of surround sound effects according to changes in head position. Users can also download the Cleer+ App to customize the EQ to adjust the sound that suits them best.自定 EQ ,調較出最合心的音色。
※Dynamic 3D surround spatial sound effects need to be used with the latest Android 13 and above systems and Android phones that already support head tracking and spatial audio functions.用。

Intelligent operation improves daily health
ARC II adds a new six-axis sensor and uses it to implement multiple intelligent operations. In addition to touch operations for daily headset applications, it also adds nodding and shaking operations. You can answer/reject calls with a single head movement to control the previous one. First/next song. In addition, the earphones have added many new functions. The sedentary reminder function reminds you to get up and move around when you have been sitting for a long time. The smart anti-drop function can detect abnormal earphone fall. The earphones will sound an immediate reminder and the alarm will also be transmitted. Immediately remind users via mobile phone警報,亦會透過手機立即提醒用家

Enhance the basic functions of headphones
As a headset that users can use for a long time, ARC II has a longer battery life of 8 hours than the previous generation. The charging box provides an additional 27 hours of power, which is enough for most users to use for a whole day. In addition, the headset has also been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.3 version. Supports LE Audio function, the connection is more stable and multi-device connection can be seamlessly switched between mobile phones, computers and other devices. The body is also enhanced to IPX5 waterproof level. Nano-technology hydrophobic surface treatment prevents water droplets and sweat from staying on the earphones and preventing them from entering. inside headphones耳機上,亦無法進入耳機內。

16.2mm graphene diaphragm dynamic unit

Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.33

audio coding
AACSBCAptX LoselessAptX Adaptiveve®

play time
About 8 hours with headphones時
Charging box:
about 27 hours

waterproof level

Headphones 13g per side耳機)
Charging box:
130g earphones + charging box盒)
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