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Clariar i640 6-unit moving iron in-ear headphones (display item)

Clariar i640 6-unit moving iron in-ear headphones (display item)

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A NEW JAPANESE BOUTIQUE - The CLARIAR I640 Recreates the Sound of Reality

From time to time, new brands will appear in the Japanese headphone industry. This year's supernova clariar has also been officially introduced to Hong Kong. The name clariar is evolved from the word "clarity" and also represents the brand's pursuit of product sound. The former sound engineer of the brand Kumitate Lab, Sasaki, has served as the chief acoustic designer. The first in-ear work, the i640, has a comfortable and close-to-ear wearing feeling. The composite metal shell structure is matched with the full-motion iron unit. music,令用家重新認識喜愛的音樂。

feature of product
Composite aluminum alloy box
clariar earphones are made in Japan. Chief acoustic designer Sasaki has designed the i640 hybrid aluminum alloy metal box structure with rich experience in making CM earphones. The box is made of aluminum alloy by electroplating and CNC technology. The beveled pipes are inserted into the ear to make the earphones more snug The ears are still comfortable even with the seemingly large body, and the sound insulation effect is also enhanced. It can be seen that the manufacturer pays great attention to the wearing experience.相當注重佩戴體驗。

High Density Porous Filter (H.D.P.F) Acoustic Damping Material

Rear Cavity Pressure Optimizer (R.C.P.O) Stomatal Design

Extract low frequency essence
In order to eliminate the low frequency of the full-action iron unit earphones, the i640 adopts a special High Density Porous Filter (H.D.P.F) acoustic damping material that can absorb the sound outside the frequency band that the low frequency unit is responsible for, making the low frequency lines clearer. There is also a Rear Cavity Pressure Optimizer (R.C.P.O) air hole design to adjust the air pressure inside the machine, so that the low frequency unit can exert its due volume and impact to reduce the distortion.力,令失真情況減低。

Hybrid box
The i640 also uses Composite Housing Structure hybrid cabinet design. The aluminum alloy cabinet is equipped with a unit bracket made of medical grade 3D printer and is fixed on the metal cabinet by a silicone material with excellent vibration damping effect. All frequencies are output by independent conduits. This precise internal structure helps reduce interference between different frequency bands and achieve higher sound quality. 達到更高音質。

6 moving iron units covering all frequency bands
The i640 uses 6 moving iron units with 2 low frequency + 1 mid low frequency + 1 mid frequency + 2 high frequency configuration. The mid-low frequency composite unit has air holes to enhance the low frequency dive. The transparent composite high frequency unit makes the treble brighter and the overall performance is natural and clear表現自然清晰。

The ever-seeing silhouette
The design of the aluminum alloy panel is also full of thought, with circles and lines as the design concept. The solid brown panel is sandblasted. Different light and shadow effects can be seen under the light. Headphones last forever耳機歷久彌新。

Chic and beautiful accessories
The accessories produced by Japanese brands are of course more refined. The i640 with MMCX plug is included. A 4-pin OFC headphone cable is soft and easy to use. It also comes with different sizes of Acoustune AET07 ear gel and AET02 ear cotton. You can choose according to your usage habits and tone. In addition, accessories such as ear gels can also be stored at the same time for daily use,方便日常使用。

Moving iron unit x 6 ( 2 low / 1 low mid / 1 mid / 2 high)
Frequency response
5 Hz 25 kHzz
14.2 Ohms
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