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Clariar i430 wired headphones (display item)

Clariar i430 wired headphones (display item)

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The first batch of original 4 twist id320 upgrade 4.4mm to mmcx cable, (valued at $1,980) while stocks last

デザインの美しさ、よりライを を Pursuit

The highest cp value of the year! Inspired by the latest technology of a variety of in-ear headphones, the flagship i640 is decentralized, and the first-class balance shows the soft and smooth Clariar i430❗

Multi BA, four units, one high, one mid frequency and two low frequency, presenting an excellent balanced sound. The high-end crossover is made by Panasonic,"laminated film ceramic capacitor crossover", which makes the three-frequency speed uniformity excellent, rear cavity pressure optimizer labyrinth conduit, adjusts the air pressure of the casing, so that the bass cut-off distortion is low and extremely linear low frequency! The special High Density Porous Filter (LPF) acoustic damping material is placed in front of the low-frequency unit duct, which can absorb the sound outside the frequency range that the low-frequency unit is responsible for, making the low frequency clearer, and also helping other units to play.

The shell is machined with high precision, with 1/1000 mm aluminum alloy shell, frosted cutting edge and matte shell, and then anodized to protect the surface of the insulating shell, with wine color as the main tone.

i430 Product Highlights and Specifications

  • High-precision machining technology to produce an inner structure with a thickness of only 1/1000mm at the thinnest position

  • Composite Housing Structure Hybrid housing design, housing 20% smaller

  • Unit holder made from medical grade 3D printer

  • High Density Porous Filter (HDPF) acoustic damping material creates a low-pass filter effect

  • Rear Cavity Pressure Optimizer (RCPO) Acoustic Labyrinth Design of Rear Cavity Pressure Stoma

  • The sound crossover components in the machine use Japan's Panasonic multilayer film capacitors and Kyocera AVX SMD tantalum capacitors

  • Made in Japan

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