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Fengming Tianyin (CELEST) Birds Returning to Nest In-Ear Headphones

Fengming Tianyin (CELEST) Birds Returning to Nest In-Ear Headphones

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Conceptual design
"Birds Returning to their Nest" uses the traditional representative phoenix and crow pattern as the main element, extracts the phoenix and bird pattern and combines it with other flower and bird patterns. The unbridled lines of the phoenix pattern are refined and deformed with the lines of geometric elements, using a painting style, making it Its shape is full and unique, combining traditional patterns with modern design to show the beautiful vision of people's happy and auspicious life, prosperity, national peace and security, as well as the implication of being virtuous and accepting of all rivers.

The Fengming Tianyin (Celest) brand was established in 2021 and is the second sub-brand of Yutai Acoustics. Celest has always been exploring providing musicians with more reliable and realistic sound performance. Celest constantly tries new sound debugging solutions and provides a complete set of monitoring headphone solutions for bands, singers and musicians.

The brand independently develops flat unit, moving coil, moving iron, electrostatic and multi-unit hybrid monitoring headphones, aiming to provide a supernatural music experience and professional music production experience. They hope that by cooperating with top music engineers in the industry and participating in the album monitoring and recording of singers and bands, they can imbue every note with real feelings and restore every real world with music.

The Celest brand has a unique tuning and design style. It not only injects elements of Chinese myths and legends from "The Classic of Mountains and Seas", but also continuously incorporates new technologies to explore the beauty of every musical detail and convey the infinite possibilities of Chinese sound art.

Celest accompanies more young people on their musical journey with a dream-chasing attitude, helping every musician step onto the stage they dream of. They always beat for music and look forward to meeting you!

The above is a brief introduction to the Celest brand. If you have more questions or need further information, please feel free to ask.
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