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Cayin N6ii titanium (with dedicated titanium alloy R01 audio motherboard)

Cayin N6ii titanium (with dedicated titanium alloy R01 audio motherboard)

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The eagerly awaited Cayin N6ii TI finally arrivesTI

The N6ii Ti, which stands out with its R-2R design, is finally here啦!😍
My expectations and curiosity were satisfied before I started playing for a day, but I discovered more interesting performances about the N6ii Ti. Its strength can indeed bear the name of Cayin's new flagship. As for whether it surpasses this, I will leave it to you to decide.各位定斷了💪
It has been warmed up for a long time to ensure that there are enough quantities to meet everyone's expectations. In addition, in order to allow customers to have a deeper understanding of N6ii Ti, we will provide you with a listening machine. -The listening experience brought by the combination of 2R and streaming music來的聆聽體驗!
In addition, after the successful audition, you may wish to share your listening experience, so that friends who have not been able to audition can also know the sound characteristics of the N6ii Ti for the first time.特點~
*Due to the influence of the weather, please friends in a moment, the stock and the audition machine will be delivered to the major dealers this evening手中🙏
Production technology innovation The precision of parts has reached an unprecedented level, making some theories perfect in the past, but it is difficult to carry forward due to technical difficulties and values. For example, the R-2R decoding structure, which is only limited to high-end home audio design, is difficult to achieve in portable applications.是難如登天。
Time has come and the Delta-Sigma decoder design is approaching the bottleneck. Various manufacturers are eager to seek new breakthroughs, so R-2R has once again become the darling of portable player technology, and combined with modern production technology, this structure is no longer available. It is more and more expensive to enter the stage of civilian use, and the high price does not hinder the pursuit of many friends, not only because there are more people who can afford that price, but also because this decoder structure shows a unique timbre charm.結構表現出獨有的音色魅力。
Now everyone's expectations have finally come true實:
Cayin N6ii Ti officially debuts!
Using a discrete 24-Bit R-2R decoding circuit and cooperating with high-precision digital signal processing and oversampling filtering processing, the R01 audio motherboard supports the highest decoding capability of PCM 32/384kHz and DSD256 under the unremitting debugging of Cayin. The most important resistor in the decoding network uses a series of resistors with a custom-made resistance value accuracy of 0.01% from Viking and a very high operating temperature tolerance, supplemented by a low-noise and high-driving linear regulator in a limited volume. Powerful and stable signal processing造出強效且穩定的訊號處理。
The internal and external hardware is roughly the same as the N6ii, but the N6ii Ti is made of TA2-grade titanium alloy.質素的聲音。
Maybe the time with the N6ii Ti is not long, but I have accumulated considerable listening experience over the years, and I have a new experience at this time.新經歷。
The first song on this player is Gary Moore 93' Live's Parisienne Walkways. Although the lyrics are only two short paragraphs, the content is not lacking in the romantic atmosphere of Paris. The live version is more wonderful. Exceptional improvisational solo brings a different and more intense blues style. The plucking changes and the timbre restoration of the pickups are also a challenge for many high-end players.放器而言也是一個挑戰。
The N6ii Ti's musical style adaptability is very wide and comprehensive, but it is more suitable to describe it as it does not have obvious additions to certain types of instruments, but it is more suitable to say that it controls a certain type of musical style and changes with the music. Can show the characteristics of different instruments, extend the gloss, color reproduction is complete and effortless, fast and slow, and the inner changes are rich and not disturbing. From Parisienne Walkways to Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore and Eric Clapton, it is performed in two styles. Cope with everythingThe Blues,它都一一應付自如。
The delineation of the space is complete and rich in content, and the micro-details are naturally displayed. It is not just blindly pushing everything forward, but there is a sense of size, front and rear, and depth, and the original texture of the sound will not be affected by the size of the image.音本來的質感。
For many friends, the quality of the tri-band is an important indicator for choosing a mid-to-high-end player. However, for the editor, the performance of the N6ii Ti is difficult to describe in text, and my textual background is really limited. Go to the store to listen carefully and feel Cayin's other breakthrough earphones designed by R-2R. Your feelings may be deeper.的感受可能會更加深。
Cayin N6ii Ti even dedicated titanium alloy R01 audio motherboard板)
Limited to 600 copies worldwide
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