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Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon In-Ear Headphones

Campfire Audio Solaris Stellar Horizon In-Ear Headphones

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In the past, Campfire Audio used its excellent headphone design technology to create a number of market-influential headphones, among which Andromeda and Solaris were more well received by users. However, as times have changed, in order to allow users to explore more sound details, the Campfire Audio team not only focuses on appearance Adjustments were made to the sound to create the Solaris Stellar Horizon, hoping to once again create a myth in the headphone market.造出耳機市場神話。

feature of product
Made of stainless steel shell
Solaris Stellar Horizon is built with a stainless steel shell, which reduces the resonance during unit movement through high stability and rigidity. The overall body is lightweight and compact, and the PVD gold pattern on the black acrylic panel makes the headset full of space technology.空技術的感覺。

Stainless steel conduit design
The conduit is made of stainless steel, which allows internal reflection of sound frequency energy, extending high frequencies and improving low frequency impact. The circular pore design is more effective, improving the sense of space and increasing sound separation.分離度。

New vent holes in the casing
In order to restore more sound details and improve the sound field range, Solaris Stellar Horizon adds exhaust holes to the fuselage to balance the air pressure of the case when the unit moves, so that the unit can have a good space for movement, thereby improving the sense of space and sound details.聲音細節。

Equipped with high quality wires
As an experienced cable brand, ALO Audio, the parent company of Campfire Audio, has a very high production technology certification team with professional headphone and cable knowledge. Andromeda Emerald Sea and Solaris Stellar Horizon are used in its flagship headphone Trifecta's Time Stream upgrade cable through silver plating. Copper is used as the wire base to create a high-quality music experience for users due to its sound thickness and wide sound field.質素的音樂體驗。

High frequency dual chamber moving iron unit x22
Medium frequency dual-chamber moving iron unit x11
Low frequency 10mm ADLC stone diaphragm moving coil unit x11

Brass decoration + stainless steel metal shell acrylic panel customized PVD gold pattern inlay圖案鑲嵌

sound mouth
Stainless steel mouthpiece

Frequency response

94dB @1K = 11.84mVrms


total harmonic distortion

Headphone connector
Customized beryllium copper alloy MMCX interface

made in America
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