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Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Sea

Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Sea

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In the past, Campfire Audio used its excellent headphone design technology to create a variety of款
Among the most influential headphones in the market, Andromeda has even been dubbed the female drug addict. Through the changes of the times, it has allowed users to explore more sound details.音細節,
The Campfire Audio team not only made adjustments in appearance and sound to create the Andromeda Emerald Seaea。

Anodized aluminum housing

Andromeda Emerald Sea's shell is made of anodized aluminum, which not only gives the shell a bright emerald green color, but also its metallic properties allow Andromeda Emerald Sea to exert a brighter high-frequency extension.延伸。

Stainless steel conduit design

The conduit is made of stainless steel, which allows the sound energy to be internally reflected, extending the high frequency and improving the impact of the low frequency. The circular pore design is more effective, improving the sense of space and increasing sound separation.分離度。

Equipped with high quality wires

As an experienced wire brand, ALO Audio, the parent company of Campfire Audio, has a very high production technology certification team with professional headphone and wire knowledge. Andromeda Emerald Sea and Solaris Stellar Horizon are used in its flagship headphone Trifecta's Time Stream upgrade cable through silver plating. Copper is used as the wire base to create a high-quality music experience for users due to its sound thickness and wide sound field.質素的音樂體驗



Anodized aluminum housing

sound mouth

Stainless steel mouthpiece


(High frequency) dual chamber moving iron unit*2
(medium frequency) dual-chamber moving iron unit*1
(Low frequency) dual chamber moving iron unit*2

MMCX interface

Customized beryllium copper alloy MMCX interface

Frequency response



94dB @1K = 11.84mVrms


6.375 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance

Total harmonic distortion less than 0.5%

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