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BRISE AUDIO NAOBI-LE Upgrade Headphone Cable

BRISE AUDIO NAOBI-LE Upgrade Headphone Cable

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Light Edition of the new generation line body Light Edition debut Brise Audio NAOBI-LEE

Brise Audio has always been in line with the design of Japanese craftsmen, and has never compromised on performance and sound quality. From the YATONO 8wire Limited Edition, which is shocking in wire diameter and sound, to ASUHA Ref. 2, which maximizes the potential of the wire core, it continues to break through the boundaries of imagination. The latest launch The NAOBI-LE uses a new generation of cores and high-end shielding structure, which is the softest Brise Audio cable. It is aimed at audiophiles who are looking for light and easy-to-use headphones to improve the sound quality of headphones without forgetting portability. Enjoy more beautiful music anytime, anywhere.隨地享受更動聽的音樂。


Softest cable ever made by Brise Audio

As the brand's new-generation cable NAOBI-LE, the word NAOBI is inspired by the Japanese god Naobi, which can purify impurities. It also has the softest cable body in the history of Brise Audio. It is advantageous to use the newly developed thin pure copper core with the Spiral77 structure. The signal transmission maintains Brise Audio's product style of always focusing on sound quality. It is easy to fit on the back of the ear in daily use, and it is easy to roll up and put in the bag when storing the earphones.機時亦容易捲起放入袋中。

The lightweight design shows the manufacturer's pursuit of the product NAOBI-LE This entry-level product uses a unique high-end technology to obtain the best sound quality on the thin core. The cable is made of audio-grade Carbon Nano Tube material CNT. The shielding layer material is jointly developed with the Japanese national research institute to effectively isolate different interferences, so that the wire can inherit the fine tradition of quiet background and no noise, and carry out the concept of uncompromising sound quality.不妥協 」 的理念貫徹始終。

New specifications original factory Lplug

brise audio naobi le

The LE in the cable name stands for the Light Edition product line, which is different from the heavy-duty features of the fever cable. The new series adopts the brand's newly developed L-shaped plug in addition to the soft body. The plug is small and sturdy and not easy to break. Strict testing by the manufacturer to ensure that the quality meets Brise Audio's standard. The source end is 3.5mm, 2.5mm, 4.4mm. Choose the headphone end to use the self-made MMCX 2-pin CM advanced socket or the Pentaconn Ear plug made of the most advanced OFC pure copper.作的 Pentaconn Ear 插頭。

This time the wire has a new feeling and a completely different orientation from the previous one. The sound is pollution-free, the mid-high frequency is fresh and slender, it brings out a transparent and bright tone, and it creates a clear and clear line for the headphones. The low frequency and the strong rhythm are strong and the vocal instruments in the song are clearly positioned. Plastic earphones, bass balance, texture, overtones, expressive interpretation質感,泛音一表無遺,演繹傳神。


Brise Audio NAOBI-LEProduct Highlights:

– Has the softest cable in Brise Audio history

– The most entry-level product in the history of Brise Audio uses carbon nanotube material CNT as a shielding layer蔽層

– Using our own newly developed L-shaped source plug

– Plug selection headphone end MMCX2-pin CMPentaconn Earn Ear

– Plug selection source end 3.5mm 2.5mm Balanced 4.4mm Balancedanced

MSRP HKD 3, 200 (MMCX2-pin CM)M)
HKD 3,800 (Pentaconn Ear)

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