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Brise Audio STR7SE 4.4MM Balanced Upgrade Cable

Brise Audio STR7SE 4.4MM Balanced Upgrade Cable

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STR7SE is a 4-twisted entry-level headphone cable. It uses the self-developed"Spiral77 structure"wire, which is composed of as many as 196 thin and high-purity copper wires. The wire body is very light and soft, and the auscultation effect is not obvious. Although the STR7SE is an entry-level model, the manufacturer still insists on quality. It uses its own high-quality plugs, and even the wooden shock absorbers are made in Japan.

After replacing the STR7SE 4-twisted headphone cable, the detail and strength of the low frequency are improved, and I feel more refreshed. For example, when listening to the sound of the drum, I can hear the rebound of the drum head, which brings a better sense of air and can show a huge sound field at the same time sense of scale. And the bottom of the voice has an extra sweetness, and it is obviously warmer and more comfortable when listening to female voices.

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