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Brise Audio ASUHA-LE

Brise Audio ASUHA-LE

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8 twist but not hard Brise Audio ASUHA-LELE

「The more the number of twists, the stronger the anti-interference ability, the smaller the crosstalk, the better the transmission. This is probably the basic concept of audiophiles on the wire. However, the number of twists is often the same as being unfriendly. Eight twists are good, but there is always hardness to support Brise Audio will be the LE The series introduces the new ASUHA-LE, the successor to the original ASUHA, which has been proud of the technology it has always been proud of. It is an 8-twist earphone but the cable is very soft. 8 絞耳機,但線身非常柔軟。


YATONO Yato God神

NAOBI = Naobi God

ASUHA = Asuha God


In Japan's Ancient Chronicles, ASUHA has the name of the god of the feet and other brothers, and is regarded as the god who protects the house and the safety of going out and traveling. This new member of the headset, ASUHA-LE, is just like the LE series with its soft cable body, even if it has 8 twists, it will not be difficult to wear. At the same time, it also has the configuration of the flagship product and the signature technologies such as CNT and BS Sheet. Take it to the next level當一面的 ASUHA 更上一層樓。


ASUHA-LE Product Highlights:

  • The flagship releases a new generation of CNT carbon fiber tubes, and the new BS Sheet carbon-based material is used as shielding material料
  • Redesigned ear hooks for better fit
  • Use the new Ref. grade or above plug on the headphone end
  • The source end uses a custom L-shaped plug for both sound quality and durability備
  • Japanese handmade


Flagship technology decentralization

Three years ago, Brise Audio launched the 8-pin ASUHA headphone cable. This upgrade improves the experience and enhances the sense of hearing without affecting the sound quality. ASUHA-LE was developed with the old ASUHA cable core. It is specially added to the flagship YATONO series. The distributed Carbon Nano Tube material CNT and the new carbon-based material of BS Sheet know Brise Audio's emphasis on shielding and the requirements and insistence on sound的講究,以及對聲音的要求及堅持。


Two major shielding technologies

In order to make the wire and shield have better performance, we have cooperated with the National Research Institute of Japan to conduct continuous reverse tests to jointly develop Carbon Nano Tube, which is 20 times stronger than steel and 10 times more thermally conductive than copper, but only half as dense as aluminum. The shielding layer is combined with the BS Sheet carbon-based material that can improve the effect of other materials, so that ASUHA-LE can effectively isolate different interference, so that the cable can inherit the fine tradition of quiet background and no noise, and implement the concept of uncompromising sound quality.協 」 的理念貫徹始終。


Ref level configuration

Pentaconn Ear Plug


While improving the softness of the wire, ASUHA-LE has also spent a lot of effort in the ear-hook position, while maintaining the shape and wearing feeling and considering the sound quality, a newly-treated titanium alloy wire is added to make the wire body fit the ear better and wear better. As for the plug The headphone end uses high-quality accessories of Brise Audio Ref. level or above. Although the cost is very high, in order to improve the sound quality, no expense is spared. In addition to the mainstream 2PinMMCX and Pentaconn Ear, there are also A2DCIPX and IE300/IE900 plug options. Just follow the custom L-shaped plug 4.4mm2.5mm3.5mm small and sturdy, not easy to break, the plug has both sound quality and durability, and each piece has passed the factory's strict test to ensure that the quality reaches the standard configuration of Brise Audio, which can definitely meet the needs of most users. home needsdio 的標準,配置絕對可以滿足絕大部份用家需求。

Custom L-plug

Plug selection covers most of the plugs on the market

Improve fine sound

Under the blessing of new technology, ASUHA-LE has excellent balance, improves the overall transmission bandwidth, high analysis power and low distortion characteristics, and improves the reproduction of detailed sound, bass adjustment, treble extension and dynamic enhancement. sound quality of contours具有輪廓的音質。


Brise Audio ASUHA-LE Product Specifications

ConductorHigh-performance high-purity copper conductor體

Conductor structure W Quad Spiral structure構

Outer cover material Special high-performance resin脂


Plug selection earphone end MMCX2-pin CIEMPentaconn EarA2DCMMCX for Sony-IERIPXIE600 (IE300 / IE900) dedicated MMCX) 專用 MMCX

Plug selection source end 2.5mm Balanced4.4mm Balanced3.5mm Single End3.5mm Balancedlanced


Line length 1.2mm

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