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Brise Audio 2023-Ultimate Headphone Upgrade Cable

Brise Audio 2023-Ultimate Headphone Upgrade Cable

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Due to manual production, ordering takes about 3 months. The actual situation may be earlier or delayed depending on the factory's order situation.延遲)

~Original Hong Kong licensed products with 1-year warranty from Hong Kong agents養~
※The wires in the picture are only for reference of the wire body structure. The product will be subject to change due to the selected specifications. Everything is subject to the actual product.為準。

Brise Audio once every issue会」
Originating from Japanese tea ceremony and Zen culture, one meeting at a time represents the same meeting and gathering in life, which is rare only once.難能可貴。

Per year Brise Audio There will be limited edition wires for pre-order. The quality far exceeds the price. First come, first served. Fast and slow. Production takes three months.時三個月)!

feature of product
The product uses a newly developed MURAKUMO design with wire cores placed down, so it has a thicker wire diameter than previous products, plus an Ultimate-grade 24K gold-plated OFC plug shell wire harness and a new generation of CNT carbon fiber tube BS Sheet carbon-based material for shielding基物料作屏蔽。

High performance and high purity copper conductor

Conductor construction

Special processing
New generation Carbon NanoTube carbon fiber tube BS Sheet carbon-based material料


Line length

Plug select the headphone end端)
MMCX2-Pin / 0.78mm / CIEMPentaconn EarIPXSony dedicated MMCX ( IER-M7 / IER-M9 / IER-Z1R )Sennheiser dedicated MMCX ( IE900 / IE600 / IE300 )300 )、A2DC、FitEar

Plug selection source end端)
2.5mm Balanced4.4mm Balanced3.5mm Single End 3.5mm Balancedced
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