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Bose QuietComfort Ultra Noise Canceling Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Noise Canceling Earbuds

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【Feel your music deeply】
Breakthrough spatialized audio brings a more immersive listening experience. World-class noise cancellation, sound tailored to you. Designed to feel comfortable to wear. it goes without saying. Just experience it with your ears.

Bose delivers superior immersive sound

Best-in-class noise cancellation technology

Sound and tranquility tailored to you

ultimate comfort

Battery lasts up to 6 hours

Modes to suit any musical mood

Easy touch function

BOSE MUSIC App Customization Functions

feature of product

Welcome to the acoustic sweet spot
What you hear is right in front of you, as if you weren't listening with earbuds.

Soothing natural sounds
It's a groundbreaking experience, with sounds so real you'll almost try to reach out and touch them.

Three Steps to Customizing Your Sound
  1. Analyze the unique shape of your ears .
  2. Adapt to any twist .
  3. Personalized to provide you with the best sound quality at all times.

The umbrella-shaped earmuffs are very soft but still block out outside noise.

The secure loop hugs the pinna and fits your ear more comfortably. Choose the most suitable combination mode from 9 potential combination modes.

Headphones: metal, plastic, gold-plated
Charging box : hard plastic

4 microphones per headset

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth® 5.3

Communication range
9 meters (in open environment)

play time
6 hours

Charging time
Headphones: 1 hour
Charging case : 3 hours

fast charging
2 hours of playback after 20 minutes of charging

waterproof level
Headphones : IPX4

Headphones: 1.72 cm high x 3.05 cm wide x 2.24 cm deep
Charging box : Height 5.94 cm x Width 6.63 cm x Depth 2.67 cm

Headphones: 6.24g
Charging box : 59.8g
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