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Bose Home Entertainment Speakers 900

Bose Home Entertainment Speakers 900

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A Bose Soundbar that makes you feel like you are in the scene,


To give a soundbar a near cinematic experience, a speaker has to do more than deliver sound in different directions. The Bose Home Entertainment Speakers 900 support Dolby Atmos technology far beyond that. Its realism is no other soundbar can match. Bose's exclusive technology can Separate the instrumental dialogue and sound effects to every corner of the room, including the far left and far right overhead position, so that all sound content is sublimated to give you a live experience like never before,帶給您前所未有的現場感受。

Bose 家庭娛樂揚聲器 900Immersive sound experience

The combination of countless technologies is also exquisitely crafted琢

This superb Dolby Atmos Soundbar is not only beautiful in appearance, but also amazing in its technical content. The layout of the nine-speaker array inside the cabinet is extremely precise. It includes two new dipole up-firing units. This complements the patented PhaseGuide technology to effectively guide multi-directional sound. Beaming to different corners of the room makes you feel like there is sound coming from where there are no speakers,都有聲音傳來。


Cinema sound at home受

what is Dolby Atmos TECHNOLOGY This technology allows artists and content creators to place each voice instrument and sound in its own unique position to create an unparalleled spatial experience and true overhead sound effects that you can experience from your living room to the fullest family entertainment的家庭娛樂。

When there is no Dolby Atmos content such as stereo or 5.1 sound, Bose TrueSpace technology takes care of the vertical sound Remixing the various audio The height of the sound can be felt even without the ceiling-mounted speakers for the same realistic and immersive sound同樣逼真的臨場感音效。

Can be connected to BOSE smart speakers

Break space constraints and enjoy more music at any time樂

Live up to your expectations thanks to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect compatibility, you can stream all your favorite music services wirelessly, and whatever your device can play can be listened to on the Bose Home Entertainment Speakers 900. More importantly, this one Home entertainment speaker can be combined with other Bose smart speakers via Wi-Fi for a smooth audio experience at home享受流暢的音頻體驗。

Music services may vary

Bose 便攜式智能揚聲器、Bose 智能揚聲器 500 及 Bose 智能 Soundbar 與一部智能手機一同展示


Items that come with product packaging

  • Bose Home Entertainment Speakers 900
  • Remote control with 2 AAA batteries pre-installed
  • ADAPTiQ Headphones
  • fiber optic cable
  • HDMI cable
  • power cable
  • Fast Installation guide

size and weight

  • Soundbar:H 5.81 cm x W 104.5 cm x D 10.7 cm 5.75 kg克)


  • top top glass璃
  • Front metal grill罩


  • Remote control 2 AAA batteries池


  • Bluetooth range up to 30 feet 9 meters 米)
  • Bluetooth version 4.22


  • HDMI eARC Enhanced Audio Return Channel道)
  • Optical input
  • Ethernet port
  • power supply
  • ADAPTiQ input
  • USB for service use only途)
  • Wired subwoofers are sold separately購)
  • Wired infrared transmitter is optional購)


  • Microphone array for built-in radio


  • black
  • White


  • Remote Control Power Source Button Music TV Bluetooth Volume Mute Media Play Button Skip Play Pause Preset Button跳過、播放/暫停)、預設按鍵

Compatible Apps

  • Bose Music app

additional information

  • Supported audio formatsDolby AtmosDolby DigitalDolby TrueHDDolby Digital PlusPlus
  • Video Source Compatibility HDMII
  • ADAPTiQ Intelligent Tone Calibration System
  • SimpleSync connection technology


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