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AZLA SednaEarfit MAX for TWS ear gel

AZLA SednaEarfit MAX for TWS ear gel

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The SednaEarfit MAX series is the latest eargel series launched by Azla. It is made of medical-grade silicone and uses a cone-shaped structure as a design concept to make it more comfortable to wear. It has better sound isolation and a significant improvement in sound quality.明顯的提升。

MAX for TWS short-tube design corresponds to most true wireless Bluetooth headphones and short-tube in-ear headphones on the market耳機。

feature of product

100% medical grade silicone material
Each MAX series ear gel is made of Korean KCC medical silicone. It is a 100% pure medical grade silicone that is often used in surgeries. Because silicone does not use dyed plastics and chemicals, it can prevent bacterial growth and Reduce skin allergies and has been approved by the US FDA as safe to use認可,使用安全。

Unparalleled comfort
If the position of the ear gel tube is not flexible enough, it will increase the pressure in the ear and irritate the ear canal. The MAX series is different from traditional ear gels. Each MAX ear gel is designed with a conical structure. The part that contacts the inner ear is smaller than traditional ear gels. The thinner silicone material and the integrated design of the MAX series umbrella cap and silicone filter increase flexibility and help reduce the pressure generated in the ears, making the wearing more comfortable.,令配戴感更舒適。

The position of the earphone sound nozzle is made of thicker material, which makes the sound isolation effect better.色。

The part that contacts the inner ear uses thinner materials to reduce pressure and make it more comfortable to wear.舒適。

The filter adopts a hexagonal structure design to reduce the space between the openings and the periphery of the mesh surface, making the sound transmission more open and reducing distortion. The sound density is higher and the sound positioning is more accurate and clear.準確更實淨。

Comfortable to wear and comes in 7 sizes
Like other Azla ear gel series, the MAX series also uses the ear canal structure of 788 different users and the sizes of 182,000 after-sales earplugs for reference. In addition, the new hexagonal filter design makes the ear gel more snug and has a better wearing feeling. There are a total of 7 different sizes (SSS, SS, S, MS, M, ML and L). Users can find the size that suits them better.適自己的尺碼。


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